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Proper Gentleman waiting... Fan Art by AmericanButterfly

English English Only

Fan Art: Proper Gentleman waiting...

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Fan Art: Proper Gentleman waiting...

and thus UK's accent impediment began...

Satw (c) humon

fan art AmericanButterfly

By: AmericanButterfly 7th April 2012

2 years ago #8636926        

UK: Daddy, I wanna be a proper gentleman!
Scotland: NOOOOO!!!

2 years ago #8568197        

erm... *turns myself into a chibi person* YAY!
~Randomness rocks~

3 years ago #8343320        

@paws4thot I never said they where the same (Great Britain is a geographic term right?)

also thanks, (I've imagine them being a little like Kitty and Red from the 70's show..)

edit um Sister England is the mother not England..(this isn't mpreg)

3 years ago #8341428        

@AmericanButterfly- The "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" is not the same thing as "Great Britain" (clue in the names there). GB specifically excludes Northern Ireland (which is not the same thing as "Ulster", since the Kingdom of Ulster consisted of 9 of the counties of Ireland rather than the 6 which form NI.

You're correct in your reasoning about Scotland and England being parents to the UK though (Acts of Union 1706 and 1707 refer ) as does the Union of the Crowns

3 years ago #8308611        

oh goody, TEA!

3 years ago #8293581        

@mewmdude77 you know I was thinking the same thing too, I like the idea of Canada and UK being
half-brothers/adoptive cousins.

3 years ago #8286190        

You know, since it's been stated France is Canada's original mother, but his father has not been mentioned, I hope sometime, either Humon or someone in fan art points at Scotland as it, since Nova Scotia is one of the earliest settlements of canada after the Vikings all left, and Scotland and France historically have had a close alliance always against England.

3 years ago #8283888        

@Adcro this make a lot of sense if you think about it, he's just a child in this comic, (he'll grow up) the United Kingdom was created in 1707, so according to the history of Scotland and England the UK much younger,

also I made him the son of Sister England and Scotland (I have my reasons)

this is not the first comic I drew him in, in the first one he drew him as an adult and the Scandinavia trio, mistaking him for England inviting him to a play, yeah he didn't really like that

Oc United Kingdom, or UK for short, he's England's nephew, and often mistaken for him due to he's hair style, and very dark brown hair, (England has black hair).


Sister England: Mother, they have a pretty good relationship even if he's mom could be a little pestering.

Scotland: Father, pretty much like Denmark and Christiania They have a difficult relationship, yet deep down they love each other. (yes Scotland still wants Independence)

America: friends or enemies? they often argue and agree on a lot of things, UK is the older Cousin of America, Australia and Canada, UK and US had the rockiest start, (UK tied America to a tree cause he ate the last piece of pie..)Canada and Australia were a little better,

Wales: they have an ok relationship, Wales relationship with New Zealand perplexes UK, but he still wishes them the best of luck.

England: though both of them dislike being mistaken for each they get along pretty well, (much to Scotland's dismay)

UK's accent is mix of English and Scottish, and often switches accents in mid-sentence ( he's getting better at controlling it) he's also pretty good at mimicking other accents (hint British Spy hint)

3 years ago #8283797        

This doesn't quite make sense. Why would the UK be smaller than England and Scotland?

3 years ago #8283452        

I'm kind of upset this was accepted before the ones I did before this (especially the one I introduced UK...)

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