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The Nordics Fan Art by keegan20

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Fan Art: The Nordics

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Fan Art: The Nordics

I decided to rework my original Nordic country flags in Minecraft by adding all the others instead of just the main 4.
Greenland my not have turned out right but Minecraft and circles is a no go area. Feedback and suggestions for other countries would be appreciated.

By: keegan20 19th April 2012


20 M
2 years ago #8396956      

@INZANIE Or in the middle. :)


16 M
2 years ago #8393363      

@INZANIE if only i knew.

2 years ago #8387447      

If you only made the flag of the Kalmar Union, and placed it in the last corner :D

2 years ago #8357319      

Wow! really awesome work! i <3 minecraft!


20 M
2 years ago #8344996      



16 M
2 years ago #8322987      

@Bjarni Thank you kind sir :)

2 years ago #8318595      

neat! :3

2 years ago #8312679      

whiteandblue@ yeah and what happend to sampi

2 years ago #8311504      

Svalbard is so exclusive :'(

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