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Bear ghost Fan Art by

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Fan Art: Bear ghost

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Fan Art: Bear ghost

I made this bear ghost out of Nabbi/hama perls. Hes not perfect, but for a first try I think he's okay. :)

By: 19th November 2012


11 M
2 years ago #8664633        

at first a saw that this was made out of lego, but no i realize, that you are using the same pearls, that my sister has!!!

2 years ago #8650897        

Bear. xD haha that is an animal...

2 years ago #8596321        

For US residents: Perler Beads

2 years ago #8596229        

Yes, beer, not bear. My ex would not stop calling "root beer" "rot bear" no matter how many times I told him.

2 years ago #8589573        

I think you mean "beer", not "bear"
~Randomness rocks~merp~anime fan~gamer~asdfmovie~

2 years ago #8586195        


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