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Only the most necessary


Only the most necessary

I assumed a pool was only for the very wealthy and got confused at all the pictures of swimming pools from America, so my friend who practically grew up in the US and still visits the states every year joked that getting a pool is very high on Americans' list of things they need in their life.

"They make sure they have a house, a bed, food, and then a pool"

21st October 2014


14 F
34 minutes ago #9264555        

Here in NYC there are pretty much no swimming pools (besides public ones). I only get to swim in a pool once or twice a year.

1 hour ago #9264552        

Uh, How about Iceland - he has many pools! Not private ones though. As far as I know.


27 F
2 hours ago #9264543        

Actually for the longest time part of the American Dream of owning a home included a pool of some kind. Many have them only for seasonal use, while others go all out for in ground permanence.

5 hours ago #9264524        

@giburn It is not uncommon to have fountains instead of pools, if the family can afford the extravagance! Consider that oil is dirt cheap and water is almost as expensive as diamonds in the Gulf States, it is much more common to have a turbo charged air conditioning system :P

7 hours ago #9264517        

Anyone who says pools take a lot of work to maintain has never had a saltwater pool. Mine is almost effortless.


29 F
8 hours ago #9264514        

I've never had a pool... they're a lot of work to maintain and expensive to boot.


26 O
8 hours ago #9264510        

Yeah, this only happens in the really hot places. Nobody in the north wants one. But in Phoenix where summer temperatures are usually around 115-120 Farenheit (45-50 Celsius) for six months out of the year, everybody either has one or wants one. Or they spend all day at the community pools which are brimming with people XD

And every year, the news is constantly reporting child drowning deaths and warning people not to answer their phone while their kid is in the pool. It's required by law there for everyone with kids under a certain age to have a locking fence around the pool to reduce drowning deaths.

I'm surprised pools aren't more common in the hot deserts of the Middle East for reasonably well-off people (I had a Libyan friend who was doing pretty well financially and he never talked about pools)... maybe it's because of the taboos that force women to stay covered? But if that was all, wouldn't the men at least be using pools whenever they could?

8 hours ago #9264508        

I don't know anyone who has a pool.

9 hours ago #9264501        

Pools are a big meh for me. I need a house, food, a bed, a cat and a decent Internet connection.

9 hours ago #9264499        

I feel it! Every single one of my friends here in California has a pool, and when my mom heard she just looks at me and says, "Hvad vil de bruge det til?"

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