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Only the most necessary


Only the most necessary

I assumed a pool was only for the very wealthy and got confused at all the pictures of swimming pools from America, so my friend who practically grew up in the US and still visits the states every year joked that getting a pool is very high on Americans' list of things they need in their life.

"They make sure they have a house, a bed, food, and then a pool"

21st October 2014


32 M
10 minutes ago #9265382        

@Karen Hallo Karen, hvordan har du det? :)


32 M
13 minutes ago #9265381        

@Melkorka Var er på norsk?

2 hours ago #9265357        

Still waiting for my pool. It is on my list though funny enough

4 hours ago #9265341        

Actually, where I grew up you were pretty cool if you had a pool. Not many people had private pools. Then again, I grew up in the northern US, so it's a little less practical for us to have a pool than if we lived in the more southern states, as we'd only be able to use it three months out of the year.

6 hours ago #9265295        

I'd like to believe that most Americans don't think of a pool as a necessity...but I own a pool.

However, a car is a necessity for most areas in the US.


24 F
8 hours ago #9265195        

@qoso Those rivers and lakes are great until someone finds a water moccasin!


27 M
8 hours ago #9265192        

@lmbrake Canada rules.


18 F
10 hours ago #9265159        

In Canada (at least in my province) we just go to the nearest lake.

11 hours ago #9265116        

Its kind of status symbol for your family more so than a necessity. "Ooo! Look! He has a pooooool! Aww. Niiiiiiice."


31 F
12 hours ago #9265094        

@Karen Here's a translation for you: "De maskinpistolene kan dere bare beholde selv." :)

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