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Football Feelings


Football Feelings

Congratulations Germany! Don't get too drunk and remember to not make any important decisions while you're this high on happy. ;)

15th July 2014


24 M

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8 minutes ago #9205167        

@Eldkatten I expect he put 'American' in quotes like that when referring to people from the Americas because the adjective 'American' is neither de facto nor de nomine* used for single countries other than the USA on the North or South American continents, and I expect because it is much more rarely used for the things pertaining to the two landmasses together ('the Americas') than it is for the USA. Geopolitically, referring to the Americas isn't often of much use considering vast political and cultural differences.

*(edit: De facto may be relative to where you are. De nomine isn't, not in these countries' native languages it isn't.)

15 hours ago #9204595        

@Humility Because Americans are bastards

15 hours ago #9204594        

@Innanna Wait... Americans couldn't find Earth on Ear- wait, whaaa?

17 hours ago #9204574        

@Humility: "(...)Columbia has fallen into complete disuse, likely due to popularity in other 'American' countries." Why do you put 'American' in apostrophes, as if the term was questionable when used for any other country than the USA? The USA (=United States OF America) is/are far from being "America". Even if one only counts the northern part of the double-continent - neglecting the landbridge between those two, homing even some more genuine american countries - the USA is not the only american country on that landmass. Canada, heard of it?


777 O
20 hours ago #9204528        

How did this go from congratulating Germany to Bashing America? Anyway I don't want to get into that but there seems to be some difficulty in the conversations about how to refer to America. I'll just say that America refers to itself as a gender/familial neutral term usually. Never motherland or Fatherland, sometimes homeland but usually just by name or a pronoun. Or by referencing one of America's Avatars, Lady Liberty (General Avatar, but more commonly used to refer to the land itself), Uncle Sam(General Avatar but also specifically the federal Government) or Brother Jonathan (Less popular but still used in some circles as a positive depiction of the military and American Charity and International relief efforts, and anytime one wants to reference America positively. Though a collequal saying "Big Brother is watching over you" which used to refer simply to the protection the military Gives Americans is now used to refer to Government spying.). Columbia has fallen into complete disuse, likely due to popularity in other 'American' countries.

@ Bloodbender

Thats not true. The reason its called football is because everything is called football because they are derive from the same sport.

American Football, Rugby Football and Associative Football. All have the same roots. Just they evolved differently. Associative Football is the dominant football in most of the world so its what most of the world thinks of when you say football.

American Football is the dominant Football in America so it gets called football.

Rugby Football isn't the dominant football anywhere.

Though you'll see in some of the Sherlock Holmes Books Rugby referred to simply as 'football'. Which means that at one point Rugby was the dominant football in England at least.

23 hours ago #9204455        

Hi, sister! Aw, it's a bit sad to see such posts next to our flag, y'know. (All I understood here was that no one cares what you say about our yellow-blue neighbour. They won't believe ever ^_^)
And glad to get to know you, comrade! :)

23 hours ago #9204450        

Congratulations indeed!
It was hard but you proved you were the best! ^_^
Good luck in Russia!

1 day ago #9204430        

:XD: Such a clever comic!


27 M
1 day ago #9204303        

Weltmeister xD Not only the game but also the returning at tuesday was great xD Around 400000 people in Berlin where celebrating our heroes and just watching it from the TV was amazing <3 (So gehn die Gauchos, die Gauchos die gehn so .... So gehn die Deutschen, die Deutschen die gehn so) /watch?v=BLpFpzzRYtY


19 F
1 day ago #9204234        

Aside from an obsession with soccer(as seen in the humiliated host and the second place) I doubt this is dangerous.

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