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No Problem


No Problem

There's plenty of good things about Christiania, but when it comes to drugs they suffer from a rather bad case of "pretending there is no problem".

It's not unusual for Hells Angels members to beat up people who try to deal in Christiania without their permission, and sometimes it ends in murder.

30th July 2014



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8 minutes ago #9213886        

So many reasons it should be legal. Who knows, if it were legal I might actually smoke it? I'm sick of stoners having to rely on this head banging freaking skunk stuff. It's like going into a bar and the only drink being available is absinthe laced with DXM.


29 M
11 minutes ago #9213882        

It's a nice place, there are just some shady people there.


20 M

Online Now
28 minutes ago #9213856        

Who's Christiania's mother, you ask?. Well, here's my theory:

33 minutes ago #9213847        

That's what happens when you make pot illegal. Didn't the world learn from the US Prohibition a century ago??? Clearly not >.<


18 M
45 minutes ago #9213826        

I see… :)


18 F
45 minutes ago #9213824        

well I don't think he can hide that very well.


19 M

Online Now
2 hours ago #9213742        

@Vexillo Error was that I said Her mother instead of "his"


18 M
2 hours ago #9213741        

What kind of error? Misinformation? :P

People in America tend to think about Latin American as all Mexican, you know… different accent (I won't laugh, I think the Hispanic accent funny… "very low" as "bery low" sounds similar to berilo, Portuguese to beryl), spicy food, a love for skulls, some kind of brownish/reddish skin... You know, Mexican stereotypical things (I think, never I've been in Mexico).

2 hours ago #9213694        

For some reason, I'm having trouble with my suspension of disbelief having Denmark trying to play the responsible parent role.


20 M
3 hours ago #9213682        

You'd be amazed how much I've learned about things that aren't Murrica from this comic.

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