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Brain Escape


Brain Escape

Greece is suffering from all it's well educated people leaving to find jobs in other EU countries.

28th January 2015

3 hours ago #9317329        


hehehe :3

thank you for supporting and sympathazing us, i know no ones gonna explain to any country no one has the answer or maybe the cover the answer because they did bad things? and its between the politicians?. Maybe my dad that is a forgeiner at china told me not even there they know about what exactly my country have to pay and why it happened.

5 hours ago #9317268        


9 hours ago #9317195        


Anyway, the only way is to cancel the Greek debt. Budgetary "seriousness", obligatory balance of budget, cutting down salaries, stability pact (ROFL) and anti-inflation hysteria are all the same neoclassical economy bullshit dogmas.

Besides, every money is now virtual. A simple writing can create billions, it can perfectly well erase it to.

9 hours ago #9317191        

Why should we blame Russia if it's not their fault?.


27 M
10 hours ago #9317177        

Hey guys, cheer up, why so sad?:) At least you have Russia to blame ^_^


32 M
10 hours ago #9317172        

@Deviantartist "You're so lucky to have good governments that actually care for their people"

There's a big flaw here, or at least I believe there is. When you say so, it looks like you're blaming it all to government. Well, that's just the surface of the problem, because when you come to think of it... who does elect the government? It's the population. Eventually, it all sums to people's faults during years and decades, election after election. Allowing a certain political attitude to stabilize and become the norm is people's fault. It's democracy, something that you Greek should know veeeeeery well ;)

I believe that countries with "good governments" have them because of the people that lives, and votes, in that country.

Mind that I'm from Italy, and we have barely your same situation for widespread corruption and black economy. People blames it all to government here as well, but they actually do nothing to change things. On the contrary, as soon as they have the chance to get unfair benefits without being caught, they get them.

As long as general mentality doesn't change, there will be no "good governments" in our countries. I lost hope for my country several years ago, I hope you'll get better, although I'm very dubious about what will happen with Syriza...

10 hours ago #9317171        

Well, what did you expect when you let the economy collapse, and expected everyone else to bail you out without making any changes to extravagant public spending?
Of course people aren't going to stay. They'll go where the money is.
Especially when you elect people who refuse to fix the problem.

10 hours ago #9317168        

@oakern Wow, I knew Canada's internet companies were as bad as the american's, but I didn't know that it's also the healthcare system that's screwed up.

Healthcare is one of the big reasons I'm considering leaving here. The wait times here are just abhorrent. "Oh, you've got a potential life-threatening disease which needs to be looked at by someone who's more qualified than some retarded intern? You'll have to wait 5 months for that and hope you haven't died by the time your slot is available". Even worse is that they're going to remove the option to choose your doctor (from an already very limited choice). So instead of being able to divert to another doctor and only get partial coverage, soon our options are limited to 'jack', 'fucking' and 'shit'.

12 hours ago #9317134        

You should really do a followup where Greece verbally attack Germany for all his troubles


28 M
17 hours ago #9317037        

@PurpleLibraryGuy: I agree with you about ObamaCare. It's a mess. I was having this discussion with one of my coworkers the other day. Her view was a lot like @GrayJay007 's - we have teaching jobs here in China and insurance is part of the package, but she feels it's unfair that she has to pay the fine on the individual mandate back in the US because she's technically not covered by an American health insurance plan. I agreed with her on that part - I have to take the hit for not shelling out too.

But then she started to complain about it being socialised medicine and how it would lead to rationing and prices going up, which amused me to no end. Given that our Chinese insurance policy is state-subsidised and the hospitals and primary-care providers are state-run and -regulated. That's actually part of what keeps the prices on medication and basic primary care here so low in the first place - it's one of the few things left in China that hasn't been privatised all to hell. (But with the police state still intact and Western webpages still getting taken offline. Gotta love capitalism!)

@ElliHermmings: 'I wish I could be born Northern European like you than a Greek here it's a big drama really.'

Heh. I see what you did there.

Anyway, I completely agree with you about the Greeks getting unfairly blamed for being lazy and uneducated, and I very much sympathise with what you and your fellow countrymen and -women have been going through these past seven years. The problems are not so easily explained, and blame for them runs far, FAR further afield than the borders of Greece.

@Avonidas quoted here for full truth:

'Greece is suffering from crippling austerity measures, falling on the shoulders of the poorest members of the population, as part of a wacky plan concocted by economist charlatans and endorsed by the EU and ECB as "the only viable option" to somehow sanitize greek economy and bring development, with which to pay back a balooning debt.'

Humon is of course entitled to her own opinion on the matter of the recent election, but this comic has a kind of contextless, passive-aggressive bigotry to it that kind of ticks me off.

Anyway, solidarity to y'all from China! And best of luck to the Syriza-Anel coalition!

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