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In Scandinavia we're used to food just coming with a salad at restaurants.

When my family visited me in England we had dinner together, and they moved their food around a bit, even lifting it, before their finally asked "Where's the salad?"

23rd April 2014

1 hour ago #9140953      

I eat salads mostly during the summer or when up in the mountains. Though for me a salad is Lettuce with some ranch and diced tomatoes, maybe some croutons. Very basic though.

Then again I do this as an alternative form of moisture intake to keep from getting dehydrated which is why I use iceberg lettuce (and only iceberg lettuce) instead of the dryer and stranger forms of lettuce available.

Also used to sit down restaurants having a salad (or soup) come with the meal, so I can relate to this.

1 hour ago #9140943      

u think this is a first world problem? u should seen that thing about Veneswaila last night on Pick tv, which is a rich place! soooooo much more stuff to worry about in the world then salad D:


23 F
2 hours ago #9140929      

Story of my life! I live in England and just the other day when I went for Easter dinner at my boyfriend's parents, I made a salad to have something to bring. Me and my boyfriend were the only ones eating it. The only other vegetables we had were some boiled carrots.


26 M
2 hours ago #9140919      

Personally, I think the English have alot going for them. But their food-culture is horrible.

Also, any restaurant that doesn't serve at least some vegetables on the plate (even a few leaves of salad and some garnish would do) is not a restaurant but a fastfood place

3 hours ago #9140916      

@Schiffy I think the standard here in the midwest (and I suspect the rest of the US) is that usually most meals come with a basket of bread, then you ask for soup or salad :L

3 hours ago #9140907      

Meh only decent sallad is "Pizzasallad" or raw vegtetables not mixed in any sallad at all :)


20 M
3 hours ago #9140886      

The US really doesn't have a standard for this sort of thing. It really depends on where you're eating. If you're at a nice sit-down restaurant, you're likely to get a salad with most meals. If you're at a decent chain restaurant, you might. Salads come with some meals at some of these places (see Longhorn Steakhouse), and in other places the salad bar is an entire separate thing that you have to pay for, but you can keep going up and getting as much as you want (e.g. Ruby Tuesdays).

4 hours ago #9140870      

During my year abroad in Austria, I overheard two of my fellow Americans in foreign parts complaining about not getting bread with their soup.

I'd rather have a salad, to be honest.

4 hours ago #9140869      

Meh... It depends wiether it's got dressing on it :(

4 hours ago #9140858      

Hvað, ekkert salat? Skrýtnir Englendingar!

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