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The April Fools' joke about the Swiss spaghetti tress was first made by BBC in England in 1957. Afterwards they got calls from people asking for advise on how to grow such a tree.

It was later "borrowed" by Danish news. Afterwards they started getting calls from annoyed wives who knew spaghetti was made from flour because it said so on the packaging, but their husbands wouldn't believe them because why would the news lie?

31st March 2015
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1 hour ago #9343256        

I knew it!

*See babe, they really do grow on the fucking trees, LIKE I SAID!*

1 hour ago #9343255        

I can't believe some people actually fell for that. :D

On the radio there was a piece of news on an agility track for the elderly.

1 hour ago #9343251        

@Tzenker Well I can't speak for stuff back then, I wasn't alive. But I know there was a time when most Americans trusted the government and the people who gave them the news. I just never lived in it.


21 M
2 hours ago #9343243        

THEY GROW ON TREES!? all this time... I thought it was made from flour and stuff.... *cry*


2 hours ago #9343241        

April fools' jokes should be banned and severely punished.


34 F
3 hours ago #9343230        

Nice to see Sister Denmark again. Looks like she could kick an ass or two

3 hours ago #9343229        

Funny you should say that, a radio programme of 12 years just announced that they will be stopping.

Coincidence? I think not!


999 M
3 hours ago #9343227        

Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehue Happy April fools


18 M
4 hours ago #9343218        

Well you learn something new everyday. :P

5 hours ago #9343211        

Us Danes arent the smartest of us, but really i'd belive it :3

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