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Great Deal


Great Deal

Australia is quite literally "selling sand in Sahara" because Australian sand is better for building with than Sahara sand.

So Australia is neither. He just had something Sahara could use.

25th November 2014

4 hours ago #9280495        

You can't build the sand thats in Sahara, that's why they are selling sand.

4 hours ago #9280494        

Way to go Finland! Today's news: !!!!!! I'd love to see this as a comic :-)

5 hours ago #9280485        

Hey, it happens.
I mean, Russia sells us wood.

5 hours ago #9280478        

Even though the character was made in reference of the dessert, there is actually a country named Sahara, "Western Sahara" to be exact. But my question is all that time and it just occurred to them that you can actually grow things in a desert, Israel did it...


17 M
5 hours ago #9280475        

Israel sold snow to Russia for the Winter Olympics.

9 hours ago #9280429        


Well now, norwegian is basically just drunk danish anyway ;)

... If being drunk actually made you pronounce and spell words more coherently and intelligibly... Danish is stupid, you Norwegians definitely got the long end of the stick when you left Denmark; kind of the same language, but modified to make actual sense.


19 F
12 hours ago #9280400        

clever......:) anyways I hope to see more of England and America together I wonder does England prefer on ecountry over another,like does he prefer America,Australia or another one?

13 hours ago #9280391        

Sand buisness is serious buisness. It's the world's second most used ressource just behind water.
If you overuse your sand you end up with holes in the landscape.
The sand being better is still a part of it though, because I doubt anybody would care about the sandy parts of the sahara being a little less sandy.

14 hours ago #9280379        

Lol. Sandpeople


24 O
17 hours ago #9280329        

@sneachda Some Floridian sand is soft. But most beaches in Florida have gravelly sand riddled with tiny painful pieces of seashell in them. Makes for a rather uncomfortable, muddy beach experience. My grandfather had an obsession with collecting Floridian sand and sending it to me, though, lol.

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