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Back to the old


Back to the old

Today is my first day back in Denmark, so this is a little sentimental comic to mark the end of my stay in England.
I was planning on staying there for longer, but life happens. I will be going back a lot though, so it's certainly not goodbye forever.

The little people behind the countries are my housemates. :)

16th April 2014

53 minutes ago #9136503      

What a lovely little cat there!

3 hours ago #9136399      

also im pretty sure you get more propperty space for your money in scotland because its not as crowded at england, although i may be wrong there. seffinetly more space per person over there

3 hours ago #9136392      

rowing at Hexham is alright and thats not on a lake like u get in denmark or at Strathclyde, indeed the straightest piece of the Tyne river but its miles away from anything useful. this is also a big problem in England. the government expect us to drive everywhere with what money?? there are no f***ing jobs avalable!

3 hours ago #9136387      

u sied it bro! i love scotland :D

4 hours ago #9136381      

Never knew you were away...


32 M
4 hours ago #9136354      

I live in Dublin, and after being stressed a bit by work I decided to go to London to relax... Don't know why I thought London would be relaxing, but let's just say it was not my best vacation ever... Which is not really Englands fault... Talking about the UK I did go to Edinburgh and that was just perfect in every way possible...

4 hours ago #9136339      

Why cat haz no flag?

6 hours ago #9136268      

Danish hairstyles are awesome!

8 hours ago #9136123      

and at least it doesnt take a whole day to access the skiing over there. water sports are located more conviniently too like at strathclide which you can walk to from town. if endland bothered with cykle paths there will be hardly anyone using them cos everything is 30 or 40 miles way. at least in northuumberland

8 hours ago #9136119      

no i mean all the rowing in the north east is terrible

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