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The monster lurks in the dark


The monster lurks in the dark

Sweden just had an election, and as it turns out, their "racist party" Sverigedemokraterna gains more and more supporters with each election.

16th September 2014


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2 hours ago #9245884        

@txag70 Anytime someone says that racist jerks in the U.S are primarily in the South i feel like laughing hysterically and sobbing at the same time. It's myths like that that let people feel like their behavior is fine because the "real ones" live "down there". It's everywhere. From telling someone that they should "just speak english" to redlining, it's all over the country.

3 hours ago #9245832        

not to mention the other parties like Ukip and danskefolk

3 hours ago #9245830        

@Impkat indeed..

@Ecchi go in the corner and feel bad! :P

how can people vote for there bastards anyway? how are racist parties even be legal? I thought things changed since hitler's reign. If racism is punishable to people at work and college, then wtf is going on with S.D? seriously

3 hours ago #9245819        

can you do a comic where England marries sister Scotland and you show there"marriage" over the year and their eventually divorce.
Scotland would be the lazy brother in law who moves in for no apparent reason, and all he does is complians

4 hours ago #9245782        

@JOL We're very much on a similar page in Australia, albeit slightly less accepting socially, and with solid anti-discrimination laws, so I definitely understand that argument well. We still have issues with immigration though, primarily because of a scare campaign surrounding refugees (or boat people as the media likes to call them).

You don't come off as patronising at all, don't worry. I really enjoy reading other's points of view, and learning from them or applying them to the situation in my own country.

5 hours ago #9245737        

@Shitzadorina u mean SD or all of em?


5 hours ago #9245734        

@TheChief (et al.) Free speech (and rights in general) gets complex, because each mans right to swing his arm ends at the next mans nose. Frankly, I think many European countries DO go too far in outlawing whole parties and whole classes of ideas, but even when the SCOTUS' Brandenburg ruling reversed the "clear and present danger" test it applied in Schenk, Brandenburg STILL bans speech "directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action." More simply: Even in the US, a person standing on a soapbox screaming, "Kill Whitey!" at supporters (or even bystanders) can and probably will be arrested and convicted of reckless endangerment. As they should, but expressing hatred, disgusting as it is, should not be CRIMINAL like inciting actual crimes is.

That is not to say it should be without consequences though, and the court of public opinion, despite its many failings, often does a much better job policing offensive speech than legal courts can or should. Everyone should be free to say whatever they want short of inciting violence—and everyone else should be free to shun and ostracize those whose comments offend them. Not in public institutions (including state-run media) because that would be government denying free speech, but privately run media or anything else has every right to censor or fire its representatives for public comments that cost them viewers, sponsors or simply offend the companys executives. Free speech does not mean unaccountability for saying every fool thing that comes into ones head.


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6 hours ago #9245724        

"Realy? It is still that close? Do you celebrate Midsummer as well?"
Yes, we have a pretty decent sized Midsummer celebration in town.

"Wow! Does anone still speak swedish? "
A lot of the older generations speak Swedish (or Norwegian) around my area. Up north, people speak Finnish. I actually attend Swedish classes in town in the spring and fall. My parents generation, as well as mine, tend to only know a few words or phrases.

My step-grandfather's mother was from Denmark, but they lived in a Finnish town, so she had the neighbors teach my grandpa Finnish, instead of Danish. He also knows some Swedish.


6 hours ago #9245720        

@txag70 I think our far right and Europes are just irrational different ways. Europeans are pretty uniformly pro-science irrespective of their politics, but, as in most places, many falsely believe pro-science=anti-religion, even though that is like saying pro-engineering=anti-art. One might say CATEGORICALLY opposing religious executions for homosexuality, abortion and working women is more rational than simply debating WHICH god to serve by murder, but only relatively. It still does not follow that all religious people are ignorant and homicidally intolerant, much less that all immigrants are such religious people. Whether the US or Europe, we still have the same far right nationalists railing against the vast Sharia conspiracy; one group merely opposes its TERMS rather than its existence. Fanatics of all stripes irrationally hate others though; whether it is for having the wrong religion or simply having ANY makes no practical difference. The main commonality is nationalism, which tends to xenophobia (which is in turn necessarily racist; "hating them all the same" is still not unprejudiced.) In that sense, it is a pity we cannot lock them all in a room with all the Qutbists (who reject the very notion of nation-states as literal anathema because it denies international theocracy) and shoot whatever bloody victor crawls out of the fray.

@Stenson4t0r No problem; I am happy to oblige and glad it is appreciated, because I do not want to come off like yet another American telling the rest of the world everything it does wrong and why our ways are so much better. HOWEVER, that said, I DO strongly believe we have many positive and negative examples to offer on this particular subject, as Mary noted. The best proof the myth of "the master race" is just that is colonial immigrants going from crude sparsely populated wilderness to dominant world power in the space of just over a century. Yet it happened for a reason: The "US race" is the mutt, and diversity truly is our greatest strength; we have cherry-picked the good and left the bad from practically every national and racial culture on Earth to get the best of all worlds. It has not always been smooth nor painless, as txag70 noted of the current anti-immigrant sentiment. It HAS gotten better though; a century ago, much of New York City, Boston and Chicago were divided into various racial enclave-ghettoes, the Klan dominated the South (and parts of the North) and signs reading "Help Wanted: No Irish need apply" were common. My main concern today is that the "Regressive Party" is trying to turn back the clock on that as on so many things, paradoxically arguing the Voting Rights Act has worked so well it should be repealed, bringing back poll taxes and literacy tests and generally trying to return to the Happy Days when the governor of Arkansas stood in a schoolhouse doorway flanked by armed National Guardsmen trying to keep out black kids.

By and large though, the US has succeeded wildly precisely because most Americans do not care where someone is from, only what they DO in terms of keeping their nose clean and contributing to society. If that contribution is something unique, common and POSITIVE in their native culture but lacking in ours, so much the better; the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. If it simply means exposing the detriments of one of our traditional habits, that is also a net gain. As long as it does no harm, there is no problem, but people (in America as well) too often focus on something being DIFFERENT rather than its relative merits. That is no way to advance society, because all improvement is novel by definition; its place of origin is only incidental to that.

6 hours ago #9245717        

@MarcusZMonkey I don't know much of the Danish party I'm afraid. And as for ours, I don't trust them. Mainly because there are too many hurtful people in it.

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