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Save the day

Save the day

Scandinavian action heroes tend to not be very...bombastic.

3rd March 2015
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5 hours ago #9332309        

Norway tries hard ok


33 F
5 hours ago #9332308        

@Svenskefan Check out the TV series that leads up to it first (Næturvaktin / Dagvaktin / Fangavaktin). If you like shows like The Office you'll love it. :) It stars the formerly-third-most-powerful man in Iceland, comedian Jón Gnarr, playing a power-hungry delusions-of-grandeur manager of the night shift at a gas station.

6 hours ago #9332305        

Today I learned I am daily a danish action hero...Minus the cigarette ;D

8 hours ago #9332293        

@ArqArturo and now this american is apologizing for Duke Nukem lol. I prefer Doc Holiday from the movie Tombstone.

8 hours ago #9332288        

Oh that is a good thing IMHO

9 hours ago #9332285        

Now I want to see Scandinavian action films.

10 hours ago #9332281        

Well, America did gave us Duke Nukem :)

10 hours ago #9332280        

Did you know that in the USA there are 99 guns for every hundred people, isn't that crazy. Especially when compared to Switzerland, where there are approximately 45 guns per person.

11 hours ago #9332254        

how very accurate this is.

11 hours ago #9332233        

@Karen Now I have more too watch...

Thank you.

Bjarnfreðarson next it is.

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