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Flag Day Every Day

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Flag Day Every Day

Few countries are as obsessed with their flag as Denmark...

16th December 2014


21 M

Online Now
3 hours ago #9294155        

America has had more appearances in these comics than even Finland. He doesn't have to be there all the time.

3 hours ago #9294154        

This is great. Love how Denmark paints everything red and white XD


25 M
4 hours ago #9294150        

@icho Because somebody did a strawberry shortcake to it.

(Sorry, i couldn't resist =D)

@Wrpen And what exactly does America have to do with historical Dano- German rivalry?


17 M
4 hours ago #9294147        

@zxczxczbfg As stated before, it's Prussia. This was the country that unified Germany (under Bismarck), isolated France within Europe, beat the French and Austrians and owned part of Poland (the other parts owned by Austrian-Hungarian Empire and Imperial Russia)

Also, why are the americans so obsessed with appearing in the comic. It's a Scandinavian focused one, so it will always end up focusing on Europe.


52 M
8 hours ago #9294074        

Passive resistance. you can't beat it.

9 hours ago #9294049        

@zxczxczbfg he is called prussia

9 hours ago #9294032        

Haha, Prussia just doesn't give a shit.


18 F
11 hours ago #9294027        

@zxczxczbfg it's Prussia.

15 hours ago #9293977        

I feel like I should recognize Black-and-White Pickelhaube Guy, but I can't remember his name off the top of my head . . .

15 hours ago #9293969        

Loved the last panel, that was just perfect XD

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