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An attempt was made at Halloween


An attempt was made at Halloween

Don't be too hard on them. They're new to the American version of Halloween and get a bit confused about some of the things.

They're dressed in different types of costumes: sexy, scary, and fandom.

28th October 2014

51 minutes ago #9267598        

I wonder who Norway is supposed to be. I can't quite put my finger on it.

55 minutes ago #9267597        

very cool :)


27 M
1 hour ago #9267591        

@FrankHarr I thought of Plank too.

4 hours ago #9267547        

You forgot random historical reproductions.

6 hours ago #9267526        

@Isramerican I was thinking the same thing (my family still carves turnips, not pumpkins)

7 hours ago #9267521        

"Also, does the face on Denmark's broccoli remind anyone else of plank from Ed, Edd n Eddy?"

No. Who's that? >.> <.< Yes.

"Why is Norway in a skirt?"

'Cause the artist likes to do that. A LOT.

"I am all in favor of Denmark in sexy Halloween costumes. X3"

I'd rather Ms. Denmark. Or Ms. Norway. I don't think I could handle Ms. Sweden or Iceland.

7 hours ago #9267519        

No doubt Iceland called dibbs on "topical" and Finland snagged "didn't try very hard".

8 hours ago #9267495        

Ship me off to Norway; I want a Fandom Halloween!

8 hours ago #9267491        

Norway is dressed in a fandom costume and has a Jack-O-Melon. Perfect!

Also, does the face on Denmark's broccoli remind anyone else of plank from Ed, Edd n Eddy?

8 hours ago #9267488        

@I_Am_OV - because he's in a fandom costume. For those of you without tween/teen children fandom is an almost extreme obsessive form of geekery where boys and girls are deeply enthralled in their favorite characters from books, movies, video games, and comics. Geeks love those things, fandom kids *LOVE* those things. I'm making it sound more ominous and creepy than it really it is, but my daughter and her friends are not only dressing as their favorite geek characters for Halloween (Dr Who, Walking Dead, Divergent, etc) they also have Instagram accounts where they make image macros for their favorite stories, they do cosplay with their friends, they write crossover stories, as they get older they're writing slashfic, it's very literate, very smart, and very geek, but in a teen way. I've told people that when I was kid it was mostly guys like myself who were the geeks and we were not accepted. This generation, it's a LOT more girls, and they are taking it into all kinds of new and awesome places. Cosplay and LARPING was laughable when I was a kid. Fandom kids happily go out and dress up like they're from Harry Potter and go play Quiddich on a soccer field.

So Norway in this case is Hermione from Harry Potter. He's indulging in some fandom.

So this is something you'd see on a Fandom account:

As is this:

Best pay attention and respect. These guys will be ruling the universe soon. :-D

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