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Trans Fear


Trans Fear

England later kicked all of their asses, but that's besides the joke.

Scotland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark share a lot of history, which is why they share a lot of words in their languages, and a lot of the old myths are the same as well.

They also all did some things that the English considered rather feminine. Of course there's the kilt (which is even an old Scandinavian word) which the English confused with a skirt, and the vikings were obsessed with combing and braiding their hair, not to mention being clean. They washed their faces every day and their entire body once a week. Doesn't seem like much to us today, but to the English it was weird (Not that the vikings washed that often, but that they did it at all).

3rd December 2011

2 days ago #9136999      

And you can use brackets properly!

13 days ago #9129541      

See? Vikings were not savages, but pretty femenin (or however you spell it). There is a reason Norwegians call Saturday for Washingday (Laurdag = Lørdag).

26 days ago #9120020      

How c-c-can s-such a thing... I...I...I...
*weak, squeaky bubbly trembles*
I don't think I like you anymore @awesomeartist

29 days ago #9117543      

(I still agree, though I've been to Scotland and sorry but they can't cook IT HAD TO BE SAID!)

29 days ago #9117432      

God dam it @humon Scotland will always be more richer, higher educated
And stronger than England, where did all the scientists come from?' James Bond?, Sherlock Holmes?, grand theft auto?, good food?, true strength?, Billie Connolly?, worlds first known independence?, TV?, Radio?, telephone? SCOTLAND!!!!!!
Can you make a Orkney and Shetland characters?
I've got their flags, sorry I couldn't get the hyperlink you will have to look up Shetland Island flag, Orkney Island flag on google xxx

1 month ago #9115416      

if scotland and the nordics were to have all joined up during the viking golden age, england may not exist today.


14 M
1 month ago #9106228      

I wish Scotland was Nordic.....

2 months ago #9095337      

I myself love all these comics about Scotland teaming up with the nordics and beating the crumpets and tea out of England.


23 F
2 months ago #9092014      

Any chance we could have Scotland in kilt as an avatar?

3 months ago #9059184      

Is it weird that I think kilts are sexy...?

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