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Trans Fear

England later kicked all of their asses, but that's besides the joke.

Scotland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark share a lot of history, which is why they share a lot of words in their languages, and a lot of the old myths are the same as well.

They also all did some things that the English considered rather feminine. Of course there's the kilt (which is even an old Scandinavian word) which the English confused with a skirt, and the vikings were obsessed with combing and braiding their hair, not to mention being clean. They washed their faces every day and their entire body once a week. Doesn't seem like much to us today, but to the English it was weird (Not that the vikings washed that often, but that they did it at all).

3rd December 2011

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19 days ago #9383815        

There is the contemporary account of a Saxon monk who condemned as sluts Saxon girls went gaga over the Vikings because they bathed, combed their hair, and wore fashionable tunics with long tight sleeves. Got it?
Sexy . . . long. . . . tight. . . . sleeves. . . .


576 M
1 month ago #9373475        

So I would have been considered normal back then? X D

1 month ago #9372725        

Its become england defense mechanism. Haha

4 months ago #9346433        

@Kondax XD Stop kilt-ing my sides
@Lambert2191 Different counties spelling. like color and colour the U is dropped due to lack of pronunciation in casual talk.


4 months ago #9339307        

Why did England misspell humour?


34 M
5 months ago #9332579        

Its called a Kilt, cuz i kilt the last guy who called it a skirt


20 M
6 months ago #9325891        

To be honest if I saw a bunch of guys coming at me wearing skirts and wielding axes I'd probably be pretty scared too.

6 months ago #9325104        

@StolenBjorn The Vikings actually learnt about hygiene and cleaning from visiting the Middle East and adopted their cleaning regime.


15 F
7 months ago #9302727        

England eventually got them back.

7 months ago #9296313        

Acording to the arabic writer Ibn Fadlan, the vikings were extremely dirty, that sais a lot about how scandinavian, arabic and english hygiene standards were 1000 years ago compared to eachother :p

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