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Robots! 19 6, 2:07am

That would be all well and good, if that was how assimilation worked in the countries which have already extensively undergone immigration. American and Canadian immigration even today isn't based on some strict "professionals only" basis. On paper it sort of does, but then one lawyer gets in and he can bring lots of family members. Which I take it Japan doesn't allow.
Even lack of welfare doesn't explain it. Wages in Japan would be such a basic improvement from lots of the poor countries near to them (many of those lacking welfare to begin with) that I can't think that explains much at all. Hell the US has pretty lousy welfare systems but that doesn't stop the immigrants from coming.
An unassimilated underclass forms largely because of yeah, racism, xenophobia from the natives. Its a big part of it anyway.
Japanese racism isn't really the overt redneck kind you might be thinking people mean. Its more subtle than that. The very fact that foreigners are regarded as potential infection and have to be mega screened is really not coming from a non-xenophobic place.

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