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A whole new world 5 3, 1:51am

I had not heard of those, but they do indeed seem meme-worthy. Seems like EPA is doing their jobs, just that it's more a case of a job left half-done by agencies that are at best half-funded. Like all byrocracy.

By volume, yes, but in numbers? How many bodies of water can you name? And can we count all bodies of water, or would that be the aquaeous equivalent to including all eukaryotes under the defenition of 'human'? Should their

Regarding conservatives, mostly that they declare anything the democrats do on state level to be "anti-democracy" while they openly aim to limit the ability of minorities to parpicipate politically (one of the states have an ongoing motion to declare HBTQ+ to be a religious practice of secular humanism, as well as a motion to have secular humanism excluded from religious freedom all so they can pass laws against it*). IT should be noted that I'm probably biased, as trying to find american sources that could spell "journalistic integrity" if their lives depended on it is an exercise in futility.
Now, democrats are awful too; I prefer them because they are less bigoted.