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Chako Paul City 26 8, 12:16pm

You mean like the videos of themselves jacking off onto a 20cm figurine of a popular anime character? Yeah... those exist.
Also, videos of dudes who buy those Realdoll sex toys, and then upload videos of themselves humping it. I kind of fit those into the same catagory I call "dudes who have missed the point".

The point being: The hot girl is NOT optional for the porno video; It's the DUDE who is interchangable!
(For straight porn, at least. I don't know any gay dudes who would want to watch a fat ugly guy get it on with a handsome rubber doll either though.)

Japan fetishises everything. I think some of their stronger censorship regulations actually made it worse. Like... "We can't show a pretty lady's genitals on screen without blurring the whole area out... so let's open with 20 straight minutes of giving her a panty wedgie!" Things like that. O_o

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