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Eurovision 2022 21 5, 8:39pm


> NATO should have been deleted in 1992 because the fall of communist tyranny ended its reason to exist

Why though? It's not like it's been rendered obsolete immediately. The world wasn't too peaceful back in 1990s, so why not keep it for a while?

> how the hell did you not see this coming Putin…

You misjudge his intentions, IMO. Putin uses NATO as a propaganda prop to bang about "external threat". He essentially claims that Ukraine is sorta part of "Greater Russia" or whatever, hence invasion justification. It's hard to say the same about Finland and Sweden, and attacking them is way too mad even for him, so their plea to join NATO is spun as a part of "Evil West hates us" trope.

As an example: Russian news avoid saying "country X joined NATO", instead it's "NATO expands again, incorporating X". As if it's a unilateral decision. At the same time Crimea "joined in with Russia", of course =)