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Eurovision 2022 24 5, 7:44am

@nroejb I believe it is time for your country to accept its place as an economic and political bulwark in the European continent. I am aware of the historical reasons Germany has been hesitant to do this, but the past 75 years have proven y'all are capable of overcoming a dark past to become a prosperous society that values human rights of all people. What's more, y'all even managed to (given the circumstances) integrate well after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Europe needs a Germany willing to fight for freedom and human rights. To be frank, since 1945 y'all have a better record of that than we in the US do. The time for the US to be the guarantor for European security should have ended decades ago.

Now if only y'all would stop shutting down your nuclear plants... ;)