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Eurovision 2022 27 5, 3:46pm


Thanks, mate =)

> No wonder y'all would embrace Putin after the mess Yeltsin left you!

No wonder indeed. But the funny thing is that what Yeltsin *left* was an economy mostly transitioned to free market and ready to grow, and so it did. High oil and gas prices helped as well, so Putin mostly kept things the same and reaped political dividends. For example, by 2015 we had one of the better and more advanced communication and banking industries in Europe. It's always a surprise for expats how expensive and complicated things usually are =)

> I apologize, I wasn't insinuating anything about the Russian people's ability to learn "how to capitalism", so to speak

No offence taken, I just wanted to clarify my point =)
What I think might have helped, is some sort of co-management and massive investing in manufacturing and agricultural industry, so that key employers wouldn't have collapsed and transitioned to free market successfully. But it's only my uneducated guess =)

> What a shame

Yeah. What could have been!..

> You're in Armenia? I hear that's a pretty place. I'll be honest, all I really know about it is System of a Down :P

Is it because there never were any SATW comic about Armenia? =p
Yep, Armenia is very nice. It's on the poorer side, unfortunately, but its history and culture is matched only by places like China and Greece, and people are simply the best.
Also, Armenia is the birthplace of viticulture and vinification… So there's that!