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Royal Mess 20 11, 11:58pm

@Lumoseo I live in a republic, but I don't see anything wrong about a royal family in an old monarchy, which is today a parliamentary monarchy or something equivalent to that, with (representative) democracy. It's just a continuation of history and it doesn't really hurt anything, unless the ceremonial royal house is a huge burden to the national budget and whatever tourism and other sources of income it would promote doesn't compensate. However, if we consider the Scandinavian countries or the UK, for example, they are rich, so even if the royal house was an expense, it's probably not a burden. That being said, I have never actually tried to google how the economists in those countries calculate the expenses and profits from having royals.

However, if we are talking about absolute monarchies in the 21st century, then yeah, as a person born and living in a democracy, I can't naturally support an absolute monarchy very easily. But then again, an old absolute monarchy would be a better than a simple dictatorship because the monarch would possess at least some legitimacy, not just "obey or die", which is the only legitimacy a regular dictator has.