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Fan Art:  SATW Beaches at the border

Fan Art: SATW Beaches at the border

Apparently there is a beach at the Polish and German border that is shared by both Poles and Germans, only problem is Germans like to be naked and the Poles don't like that.

more info

lol direct quote from two sides of the issues

Germany: “It’’s a nudist beach. It’’s terrible, that the Poles come over dressed and stare,” and “You feel like an ape in a zoo. The Poles come with their binoculars, stare and swear.”

binoculars? seriously Poland :XD:


Poland: “It’’s horrible. We would never bathe naked - we are Catholic,”

"bathe" as in take a bath, not even in your own bathtubs?

I guess that's how they talk.

Honestly I think it's funny, don't worry they worked it out =)

(I know not all Poles are Catholic it's was just a quote from the article.)

By: AmericanButterfly 6th October 2011

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3 years ago #8123343        

Why not put the fence backup... and let us make a hole threw it. problem solved.

3 years ago #855961        


Thank you.

And I appreciate the condolences. Some knowledge has its price, I guess. haha

3 years ago #855890        

@WorldTraveler I see you live up to your name ;D

dude I'm so sorry about that,

3 years ago #854953        


Yeeeeah, the Germans are like that, although the French has everyone beat in terms of love for the nude beaches.

Oh the things I saw.......*shudder*.

3 years ago #825793        

o_o XD

3 years ago #821645        

@scyerf One, I didn't say anything about beauty. Two, one plane crash isn't the end of the world, I'm sorry, but you're kind of making fun of it. a minute...Three, I don't 'logic things up'. if anything, I freeze when I have to. Four, every country has plane crashes at one point, it's just really bad luck that officials were on it.

3 years ago #821271        

@koruga the country itself sucks based on its government. they do stupid shit that is better for religion than the people. also, the country itself makes dumb decisions.
you might remember this from a while ago.
the highest polish officials were killed in a plane crash, because the polish said "sexual intercourse protocol" and let all of the highest polish officials on one plane saying "lol, its not gonna crash."
then it crashed.
if that doesnt say something about Poland, i dont know what will
also, it doesnt matter how beautiful it is
beauty is based on opinion, and has no ground to argue on whatsoever

3 years ago #821016        

@scyerf....That's just a random picture, it's not an accurate image of the whole country. it's actually quite a nice place.

3 years ago #820626        

@scyerf @Dutchbag Ahem. Polish people are as awesome or suckish as any other person. My grandmother's all Polish, she's great. And I'm butting in again. Sorry.

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