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These little fact cards are made by the community (thank you). The best ones are polished up and posted to our twitter account.

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Linux, the popular family of free and open-source software operating systems, had been originally developed by a Finn.

Finland is known at "The Land of The 1,000 lakes", but it has over 188,000 lakes!

Mongolian Beef and Mongolian Barbecue are not from Mongolia; they're both from Taiwan.

The legendary finnish sniper Simo Häyhä was, on his last mission, shot in the face with an explosive bullet, shot the russian, crawled back to his camp, and woke from the coma the day war ended

Knife crime in Britain has gotten so bad the in some places British Police officers are being armed to defend themselves.

As of December 10th, the US of A has had 1,917 mass shootings since Sandy Hook in 2012. (Fixed)

As of December 10th, the US of A has had 1,917 since Sandy Hook in 2012.

Finland celebrates the "International Day of Failure" on October 13th

Swedish inventions include not only the three-point seat belt, but also the zipper, fridge, and computer mouse

So this now.

In morocco "French" is considered a primary language

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