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These little fact cards are made by the community (thank you). The best ones are polished up and posted to our twitter account.

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Finland has a day for failure every October 13th, since 2010.

Adolf Hitler suffered from chronic diarrhea throughout his life.

The country of Panama was created by the United States......purely to build the Panama Canal.

In Finland, Finland is called Suomi. "Suo" means swamp, and abt. 1/3 of Finland's land area is said to consist of swamps.

It takes just 15 minutes to drive from one of the country of Monaco to the other.

Currently, both Pope Francis II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI reside in the Vatican City, which has an area of 0,44 km². This means that the Vatican City has a density of 4,54 popes per km².


Iceland Got Its Pretty From Ireland (Probably)

sorry i walked in the bathroom o.0

Swedish Youtuber Lemmino takes potshots at Denmark whenever he can.

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