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These little fact cards are made by the community (thank you). The best ones are polished up and posted to our twitter account.

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England holds the record for the highest number of teens to smoke and take drugs in Europe, only to be beaten by Denmark for drinking lol

More than 100 American public television stations showed Doctor Who in 1982 and 6,500 American fans watched the show in The U.S

There's a village in Germany named 'Kuchen' which simply means 'cake`

When the Vikings arrived in the Orkney Isles they found no way of building shelters so they left and came back with Pre Fab buildings

Only one person has had the title "The Great" in English history, King Alfred the Great (849-899) who decided people should learn English before Latin and is considered "The Father of the nation"

Cotard Delusion is a very rare mental illness that causes people with it to believe they are dead, putrefying, missing blood or body parts, among other similar symptoms.

Icelandic Singer, Jones, wrote/sang songs for all three of the How to Train Your Dragon Movies. The songs in order of movies are, Sticks and Stones, Where no One Goes, and Together From Afar

The suicide rate of Swedish Finns is 2.0 times the Swedish rate and 1.6 times the Finnish one. Then again, Sweden has a long history of treating "finnjävlar" as second rate citizens.

Around 90% of Earths fresh water is held in the ice sheets of Antarctica

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