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These little fact cards are made by the community (thank you). The best ones are polished up and posted to our twitter account.

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Iceland has no native polar bear population. Their current polar bear record is the two that swam over from Greenland in 2008.

Gold Dawn is a Nationalist party in Greece. There is also SatW Comic known as Golden Dawn. Coincidence? Most likely...

The Netherlands obtains about 350 TJ of energy from the heat of cow's milk in one year (2009).

I don't really have a fact, I just wanted to use this quote out of context. You can remove it if you want. :)

Norway's national motto is 'Alt for Norge' (all for Norway).E

Aasa Helgesen became Norway's first female mayor in 1926 in the municipality of Utsira. She was elected with a council of 11 women and a man, likely intended to be a joke gone wrong (or right)

In September of 1980 A titan missile's fuel tank in Arkansas sprung a leak, the fuel ignited causing severe damage to the facility and launching the nuclear warhead out. Thankfully it did not detonate

all who didint do or respect the fürher had to be executed

Australia is the only country without active volcanoes

those who didint show respect or say bad things about the fürher were sent to concentration camps

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