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Scandinavia and the World Wiki

Welcome to the wiki of Scandinavia and the World, a webcomic about the spirits of countries and how they interact.

In this wiki you'll find info about:
- The Countries
- Non human characters
- SATW Children and Teenagers
- Eurovision Song Contest
- The creators

This wiki is always a work-in-progress. Some pages might be a bit sparse, some a bit messy, but we try :)

The goal is to collect and share information about the comic and its characters.

Some pages might include spoilers.

Any member can edit this wiki. This means they can edit existing pages, or if need be create new pages for comics or characters that pages do not already exist for.

This is a wiki for canon information only. Information must be cited by either comic URL or journals by Humon.

Please feel free to contribute to help make this wiki great. :)

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