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Fan art Winners

The winners of our first ever fan art competition are:

North America in the fridge

by sodabunny


by parchedgroveler

Denmark and beer

by lim3-knarand

Congratulations people!
You each win a pack of pins :D

Fan Art Competition

Our fan art section is now live!

To celebrate we're holding a competition.

What to do

Take a photo of something, then draw on to it some SatW characters.
Here are 2 examples:

A while back we made some comics like this:
- My Cookies
- No More Fun

How to enter

- Upload your image here
- Go to the new fan art section and press the 'Add Your Fan Art' button
- Fill in the small form and makes sure you select the competition!
You may submit as many entries as you like, but only 1 can win per person.


We'll pick the 3 images we like most. We'll judge images on:
- The characters being in character
- Something funny happening


The 3 winners will get a pack of 6 pins shipped to them.


Images must be added to the fan art gallery before: Thursday the 13th of October.

Website Design Changes

Hey folks,

I'm Dayvi, I run the Scandinavia and the World website (and write the odd strip). I've recently made some changes to the look of the site. You can comment below if you like.

- The website now has a blue background. This is because not everyone uses f.lux or night mode, and the white can become too much. I went for a light blue, as it goes with the current theme, while not contrasting with the white of the comic.

- Strips are now left aligned (on desktop), giving space on the right for promotions and links to more content (soon). This is not set in stone, so if you don't like it please give feedback. A future goal for the right side is to show off fan art, fact cards, and the upcoming postcards/penpals.

- Shadows, shadows all over the place! A design trend of 2018 is to not use boarder lines and instead use shadows.

- Changed the 'report comment' button to have a little pop out, so people don't press it by accident as much.

- A new links bar has been added, appearing under the main menu on mobile and above it on desktop. This little links bar gives us a place to promote new things more prominently.

Next up for a redesign is the comments section. Avatars will be changed to squares, so that they can flex and fit better on small screens, along with a much better layout. Upvote and downvote buttons will also be instant and not load a whole new page.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Store Info

Our store will be closing on the 25th of April, while we go gallivanting to conventions.

It will not open again till September (with the new card game and 2019 calendar).

If you want our books (like the new 2017 Anthology), pins, or posters you should order now.

After the store closes there will still be one of us in the office to help in-case of any problems.

Card Game: A Heap of Trouble

For the past year we've been working on a card game.
The game is designed by a professional and is great fun to play :D
You can check out the Kickstarter here.


I’ll be a guest at Copenhagen Comics next weekend (25 to 26 February) so my friends in England sent me a lot of loot to sell, and I love the pins!

I’ve never seen most of them in real life because the guys in England produce and ship them. They’re so tiny and adorable!

I have a special love for the King Europe one, so if any of them are left after the convention I will definitely be wearing him all the time, just because it’ll make me look like a European dickhead.

Card Game Feedback Wanted

Hey folks,

We'd love some feedback on the graphic design of the card game we are working on.

Go here for larger images and the comment box.

2015 Anthologies have been shipped!

This is an announcement to let everyone know that all the 2015 Anthologies have been shipped!

Some of you may have even received yours already!

We're sorry about the delays but thank you all for being so patient.

That's not the only good news either! This month we're adding a lot to the store:

A Postcard pack,
Nordic pins set,
Finland keyring (hopefully the first of many),
and a 2017 calendar!

We'll keep you up to date on when those are released.

Scotland Patreon Pin

If you support Scandinavia and the World on Patreon during September (and select the Pins tier) you'll get a pin of Scotland shipped to you at the end of the month.

Here is a photo of one of our previous pins:

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us on Patreon!


I’ve been asked what tablet and program I use to draw with and the answer is, I don’t.

I color my drawings in Photoshop with a bamboo tablet, but I like doing the lineart on paper with various tools. The craft of it help me relax and concentrate. It feels more personal to me somehow. :)

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