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Fan Art: Sister Romania

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Fan Art: Sister Romania

So. ~
This is my version of Sister Romania! I don't really like the vampire one. LOL But's ok. ~
Hope you like it, he. ~

By: 31st March 2012


2 years ago #8604454        

Very very nice :) Foarte, foarte frumos!

2 years ago #8589491        

cute! hee hee.
~Randomness rocks~merp~anime fan~

2 years ago #8507505        

yep, pretty representative.

Wonder what all those cute girls I met in Baia Mare six years ago are up to...

3 years ago #8475708        

Awe she's so cute.

3 years ago #8445118        

This is cute!

3 years ago #8376480        

Thanks a lot to everyone! ♥ c: I'm glad that you like it.

@WorldTravelor Romania's a religious country so I would like to ad something to rappresent that! ~

3 years ago #8323119        

She's so beautiful...


15 F
3 years ago #8313501        

I love her ^_^ being pretty by herself without straying too far away from her brother ;)

3 years ago #8307766        


Cross is used as the actual cross itself or its description.

Crucifix is used as the independent image of the on a necklace or on the wall of a church.

3 years ago #8303891        


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