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Satw favorite character meme Fan Art by AmericanButterfly

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Fan Art: Satw favorite character meme

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Fan Art: Satw favorite character meme

1: Denmark just one of my favorite but he is one of the most fun to draw,

2: No kitty. jellyfish, refence this comic

3: Yes I like this couple, not a shame

4: I would have given him the beer even if he said no (yes it's Danish beer) (Sister America in her undies, she has no idea where her clothes are) (Denmark is wearing he's fake boobs)

5: Denmark sad because he doesn't get beer for wearing a dress

6: Not sure is the Danish is correct (used Google Translate) (English is underneath) but I like to believe when there is one beer left the Danish sibling race for it (and no Sister Denmark not poking her brother eye just doing the who finger in your face like 'one second')

7: what I told you I like this couple..

8: Let the best man win!

9: It was a surprise party set up by Norway and Sweden.

10: Ok who invited the Beer Ghost to the party?

11: Denmark hates butterflies

12: Not sure if Merfolks sleep in bubbles, but I drew Denmark sleeping in a bubble anyway, it's so cute :D

13: Jellyfish came back to play and brought more

14: let's just keep with Humon's style

15: Sister America and I pushing Denmark and Norway in for a kiss

Satw (c) Humon


fan art AmericanButterfly

By: AmericanButterfly 2nd April 2012

2 years ago #8589586        

cool, I wear glasses too!

2 years ago #8589582        

Memes, memes, memes... they're everywhere...except in books. lol.

3 years ago #8369098        

Sister America would not stand for this scandal, she would be pushing Denmark all over Norway :B

3 years ago #8287042        

@EricTheRedAndWhite really strange (worked for me..)

oh well I'll just tell you the fix version "Det er ikke retfærdigt, du vandt sidste gang" thanks to LPHogan from DA (the pictures were the same)

3 years ago #8287027        

Hmm, the link worked, but when I click on the picture to see the bigger version, it isn't showing up. :stare:

3 years ago #8287007        

@EricTheRedAndWhite :stare: you don't need an account just to see a picture on DA (you just can't comment or fave) honestly I logged out just to see if I could see the picture and I could (logged out) so just click on the link and try again ;)

3 years ago #8286963        

Sorry, but I can't see the fixed version. I don't have a DA-account.

3 years ago #8286935        

to all you Danish peeps out there who feel like they should correct me on my Danish grammar cause I used Google Translate, it's ok I was already corrected (plus you can't edit on so it would be pretty useless trying to correct me) I was corrected on DA (same picture) and I edit that picture. so if you want the correct version here you go

(grammar never really was my strong suit even in English...)

p.s I know you're just trying to help, and if I do this again (which I most likely will...) try to be 'nice' about it, Danish is not my language,

3 years ago #8286921        

@Lyka once again thank you yes the Jellyfish is cute ^^

3 years ago #8286920        

@EricTheRedAndWhite one thanks two oh that must have been the unfixed version, (some one on DA helped me (he's from Denmark too) and I must of uploaded this before the edit ^^; oh well this is the correct version

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