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Fan Art: Go retarded lion

Fan Art: Go retarded lion

This is a picture based off the Finnish coat of arms. It took me a coupple of hours. I could have dona better, but, i was lazy B)

By: 5th April 2012

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2 years ago #8603376        

Yay!!! Finland

2 years ago #8558268        

So funny! ^)


18 M
3 years ago #8478808        

Seriously, who can't love this lion?

3 years ago #8426850        

Always makes me laugh

3 years ago #8291761        

Still love it (even if you could have done better X3) Its so cute!


11 M
3 years ago #8286168        


3 years ago #8285803        

I think either someone should make a fan art of Scotland with his Unicorn (since it's the animal on Scotland's coat of arms) or Humon should make a comic about the UK coat of arms, showing them with their animals (England with the Lion, Wales with I think the dragon, and Scotland with the unicorn) and then they make fun of Scotland, so his unicorn goes ballistic

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