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Fan Art: Britain's Inner Conflict

Fan Art: Britain's Inner Conflict

Within Britain... England vs Wales/Ireland/Scotland... within England... North vs South... within those, regions vs regions (ie in the North, Lancashire vs Yorkshire) and within those, it even goes down to City vs City and within those, Town vs Town!

Poor Brother Britain can't handle the load!

By: 7th April 2012

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52 M
2 years ago #8567734        

Damn, beaten to it - I was going to add Lancashire and Yorkshire.... the idea of a Northern Ireland is going to be contentious.... I visualise NI as a pair of unhappily conjoined twins. One wears an orange sash and a bowler hat. The other is in a black beret and sunglasses and combat jacket and has a tricolour. Like the Three-Headed Knight in Monty Python, the two halves cannot stand each other, are forever arguing, and have yet to reach the elementary conclusion that they need each other to live and should therefore start co-operating...


18 M
2 years ago #8544366        

Just like every other country that's had an empire?

2 years ago #8540607        

I like England!! In Scotland Glasgow and Edinburgh hate each other too :(

2 years ago #8531520        

@Zanzibaarus because they are secretly jealous of our awesome dirndl and lederhosen ;)
Austrians on the other hand don't like any germans except for us...

3 years ago #8501672        


Oh, Okay. Thanks!

3 years ago #8465469        

Nobody really bothers Lincolnshire! :D

3 years ago #8432159        

And no one tends to know where Devon is, we're just the uncool next door neighbour to Cornwall! Sad times, sad times.

3 years ago #8346029        

No one likes Bavaria?! WHY?! D:


20 M
3 years ago #8344832        

To everyone that's mad becasuse of Irelands depiction as a part of Great Britain, this picture is of course from before 1910, you silly goose. :)

But I think it's time humon draws Northern Ireland soon :)

3 years ago #8341438        

@Adcro - You could take panel 3 much further, and add that Cornwall and Northumbria don't particularly like England either (Cornwall has its own nationalist movement, and at least some of Northumbria wants to be part of Scotland if Scotland becomes an independant nation again), and make it clearer than you already have that Lancashire and Yorkshire don't particularly like each other.

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