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Fan Art: Sister Portugal

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Fan Art: Sister Portugal

No one plays with sister Portugal =(!
In the corner of the european sandbox, she only wants to join the group and be acknowledged by her peers. Sometimes shy tries too hard, but deep inside she's a nice girl ^-^...
Her greatest dream is to win the eurovision song contest one day...

Any love for Portugal?

By: 7th April 2012

2 years ago #8586325        

Portugal... I made a social studies project about Portugal. I also made a social studies project about Ferdinand Magellan


21 F
2 years ago #8521032        

Why does she cry? What's going on?

3 years ago #8407477        

É verdade... eu sou português mas mudei me para França ha um ano... que saudades do peixe...

3 years ago #8397305        

Woo! Lots of love for Portugal here. I'm 1/4, and I've always wanted to go to the Azores (where that side of the family originates).

Include Portugal in the real comic! :D

3 years ago #8371533        

SIM i wanna see Portugan in SatW! :)
And a Brazil+Portugal comic! :**

@Dutchbag you're totally awesome!! :) thank you! <3
@Nwelp you're also TOTALLY awesome!! :D

3 years ago #8350793        

Portugal FTW !!!!!!!

3 years ago #8343854        

Irmãos padeiros auheauheuae
Amo os pastéis de belém. <3

3 years ago #8309761        

Mas nós te amamos, irmãos padeiros.


18 M
3 years ago #8298510        

Oh salted sea, how much of your salt are Portuguese tears?

3 years ago #8288791        


The thing I loved most about Portugal was the warmth. The climate, the people, the culture, and everything about it was so warm and welcoming. I still miss going to a local bakery and ordering a pastel de nata, the beauty of the castles and palaces, and the beaches of Cascais. One day I'll return. ^^

I plan on making a Portugal-focused one some day soon. I included it before in my "Latin family reunion," but that was just the stereotyped Christiano Ronaldo Portugal. :) haha

I'll let you know when I post it.

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