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Satw Voices in my head Fan Art by AmericanButterfly

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Fan Art: Satw Voices in my head

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Fan Art: Satw Voices in my head

UK and US are always trying to out do each others...even in misery...

this is more of a what if? comic like what if, all the personification of the countries in the UK were just split personalities and the same with the fifty states (and like everyone else with there states, and providence and stuff!)

well luckly for the charcters it's not like that ^^ or is it..

Voice in my head by Stephen Lynch

Satw (c) humon

Fan Art (c) AmericanButterfly

By: AmericanButterfly 7th April 2012

2 years ago #8610835        

@TheLonelyAmerican No, I'm pretty sure he's referring to how the government sees DC as a separate state.

2 years ago #8568206        

this reminds me when I was at the beach, it felt like I heard about 100 voices in my head. then I realized that I was in my cousin's b-day party. O_O

2 years ago #8555635        


2 years ago #8530058        

And people wonder why our government is slow to act...or think... function...or react....sigh.... It's still a decent place I believe.


16 M
3 years ago #8483013        

I imagine America to be like the guy from 50 shades of Grey because of the states

3 years ago #8450790        

Even if you count Britain's overseas territories (there's 14) and their commonwealths (at least three Canada Australia and New Zealand), the US still has more (50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, etc) XDD

3 years ago #8373919        

I still think America looks too hunky. Americans are fat... (I'm American, so it's not racist)

3 years ago #8321951        

@Adcro ok but I still didn't see your picture before I drew mine,

3 years ago #8311157        


But... the 50 includes Hawaii..... do you mean Guam or Puerto Rico?

3 years ago #8308615        

50 states. add hawaii, 51.

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