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The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire Fan Art by AmericanButterfly

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Fan Art: The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire

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Fan Art: The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire

frist comic with UK and he's parents,

sometime parents just don't understand..

yes this is a British weather joke... and a joke about the saying "The Sun never sets on the British Empire"

no UK is not going be sunburn from now on, he'll be back to normal in the next comics

Satw (c) humon

fan art (c) AmericanButtfly

By: AmericanButterfly 7th April 2012


2 years ago #8674196        

very true. too much cloud on there

3 years ago #8439303        

true, bro.

3 years ago #8343310        

@paws4thot yeah I heard of that in World History class, my teacher even shown us a moving picture of the sun rotating around the world map, it was pretty cool

3 years ago #8341433        

There is a serious historical background to this one too; In Victorian times, the British Empire had territory in almost every time zone (I'm not sure about some of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean ones though) so it was always daylight somewhere in the British Empire.

3 years ago #8335095        

@Bluestocking well I think she an elegant lady, but has her own personality different from her brother, and less likely to criticize and demean others like England (even making her a little more likable than her brother) and more likely to know where her child is (most of the time) than England knows where he's kids are, also I think in her younger years she was like that, (which probably made her attracted to Scotland in the first place (I see their relationship as Scotland and Sister England can only see the good in each other, Sister England sees a strong independent well rounded man who is kind a caring, who treats her like a lady, but not afraid treat her like "one of the fellows" Scotland sees a bright beautiful lady who is kind and cares about him very much and gives him space and there for him to talk to when he has no one to talk to. (or doesn't want to talk to anyone else) also I like to think Sister England with nursing experiencing (and also she can kick but when she's driving to it)

3 years ago #8325700        

I know that Sister England's character has already been established, but I still say she should be a working-class Essex Girl, the polar opposite of her brother (in much the same way that Sister America, as the stereotypical Hollywood liberal, is the polar opposite of her brother the Bible Belt conservative)...

3 years ago #8321943        

@rajawarrior911 ha ha ha ha ha

@Miksvetka :XD:

3 years ago #8309059        

In Cornwall the weather does only two things. 1. It rains 2. it is waiting to rain. Its another British weather joke :-)

3 years ago #8308596        

the moon always shines on the spanish empire!

3 years ago #8287876        

@AmericanButterfly I know it's a joke, that's why I said it's funny

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