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Iceland Cosplay Collage Fan Art by VackraLjusaFarger

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Fan Art: Iceland Cosplay Collage

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Fan Art: Iceland Cosplay Collage

These are some photos of my Iceland cosplay. He is my favourite character to cosplay because I'm naturally weird, adventurous, autoromantic and asexual, so staying in character requires very little effort when portraying Iceland.

By: VackraLjusaFarger 7th April 2012

2 years ago #8636454        



33 M
2 years ago #8525184        

I love the Ford in the background with the huge American Flag. :XD: Really well made shirt though. I'd like the name of your tailor please, so I can get a Sister Sweden costume for my GF made, lol.

EDIT: I can just picture the street under the skateboard as being Lava, lol.

2 years ago #8520009        

You are the real incarnation of Iceland!

3 years ago #8431178        

@NetherMark I actually did mean "asexual" because I have no sexual attraction to anyone. Approximately 1% of the population is this way. But "androgynous" is accurate as well.

3 years ago #8416204        

That is a well-made shirt!

3 years ago #8402317        

Asexual!? Don't you rather mean "androgynous"? Asexual meas lacking sexual attraction to others. I suppose you are actually referring to your looks, not your sexuality...


22 F
3 years ago #8299797        

it is totally awesome!!!! best cosplay I've ever seen about him!

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