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Regions Of Sweden Fan Art by

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Fan Art: Regions Of Sweden

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Fan Art: Regions Of Sweden

Bio Of regions

Götaland is sweet but hates Norrland more than anyone!! She has a major crush on Sweden but Sweden barily notices her. She is also a good friend of Denmark. She is very protective over All of her counties (inclouding Scania)

Svealand is Swedens favoraite region. Svealand is kindof a drunk and offen gets in to fights. I he offen get very jealous of Åland and tells Sweden that ''He is nogood'' or ''has no money'' and things like that but Sweden never listens. Svealand is the head of the regions and bosses them around because Stockholm is in Svealand and is the Capital of Sweden. xD

Norrland is probely the only region who dosen't like Sweden much but offen saves his ass at times. He is a very good friend of Finland and misses him alot. He is also very stronge yet ''only'' vilolet when someone fucks with Finland, Sweden (deep down inside, he LOVES Sweden) or any of the regons. He is hated by Götaland yet he has no idea why. Sweden on the other hand is annoyied with him but he dosen't hate him.

humon (C) comics
Art boy Skandinavia
I hope you enjoy it

By: 7th April 2012


3 years ago #8438733        

To everyone

I re did this
I learned how to draw better on the computer. and I think the sterotypes are closer to the mark xD Also I plan to other countries as well xD

3 years ago #8438558        

Lol Thats make abit more sense. I was having second thoughts about the sterotypes. I had to google the sterotypes. (I don't go out much Lol)

Skåne wants to be part of Denmark soo badly lol

3 years ago #8438518        

greetings from Norrland

3 years ago #8433883        

Actually Norrland hates the southern parts of Sweden but loves Sweden ;)
Norrland and Svealand (from what I have heard) hates Skåne (Norrland hates Götaland because everything there is skåne ;) Give Skåne to Denmark :D

3 years ago #8390197        

From what I understand, Skåne doesn't like Sweden much either ;)

3 years ago #8386878        

Pff...Skåne isnt Sweden, it's east Denmark nuff said..


20 M
3 years ago #8344831        

@SwedishGirl97 Länen är bara 21, landskapen är 25.

Skåneland should actually be a region of it's own. :)

3 years ago #8338487        


3 years ago #8329883        

Länen? I guess the finnish word lääni comes from that.

3 years ago #8323740        

Or a picture of the 20 Norwegian fylker. :D

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