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Sister Estonia Fan Art by Eneli

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Fan Art: Sister Estonia

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Fan Art: Sister Estonia

Curse my lack of knowledge about female anatomy...One day I will have to watch lesbian porn to understand it -.-"

By: Eneli 8th April 2012


17 M
2 years ago #8654785        

Where is my heart? Oh, yes, it belongs to you, Estonia. Your girls steal it all the time.

2 years ago #8600933        


2 years ago #8582134        

Over 9,000 boys and/or men are drooling at this picture. :atroll:
~Randomness rocks~merp~anime fan~


21 F
2 years ago #8521017        


3 years ago #8428137        

So much win.

3 years ago #8362197        

Trust me to notice the pattern of the nail polish...

3 years ago #8325432        

Is that Laua Viin vodka? XD
I myself would have gone with Viru Valge or Saaremaa..
(I actually don't like vodka.. English gins are more to my tastes..)

3 years ago #8290395        

Yes...just yes.


21 M
3 years ago #8287701        

actually its not historically wrong to picture Estonia as a bit asiatic- finno-ugrics were originating from uralic mountains, being more asiatic by looks, more similar to japanese, but later they were adjusted to conditions present in finnish gulf area wich resulted in modern look (historians believed, that finns, estonians, remaining livs and other finno-ugric nations got their modern look (according to different settling in dates) around 8000-5000 BC). it may all sound bit strange, but europic (white skin) look is youngest of the looks of man, with was still developing even during greece high period! asiatic looks is much older

3 years ago #8286627        

Probably because of all the anime I have been watching recently. To be honest I'm not too used to anything besides that style ^^;

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