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Fight For Norway Fan Art by Impkat

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Fan Art: Fight For Norway

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Fan Art: Fight For Norway

Inspired by this video:

By: Impkat 8th April 2012


11 M
2 years ago #8656821        


2 years ago #8648369        

Denmark's face... X3

2 years ago #8632802        

I love it when denmark says yay, dat face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago #8535480        

I just love Denmark in this XD

3 years ago #8362999        

@Impkat Verdens historien på 5 min is so great. Great drawing :)


24 F
3 years ago #8344752        

Of course! No problem!

3 years ago #8343818        

You're welcome^^ I see, well thanks anyway :)


24 F
3 years ago #8342794        

Thank you! Unfortunately, even though it says I'm an admin, I don't really have any power. So I have no idea when fanart will next be updated (I also have a picture waiting to be put up)

3 years ago #8342679        

:D This is great, I really like your style^^ Denmark is so cute :3
P.s. You are Admin, right? so I was just wondering how long it take to get your fan art checked and published? :) (I know you guys must be busy at times but more or less weeks or...?)

3 years ago #8339134        

i like how you drew them :D

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