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Sister Estonia's new look Fan Art by Meelis13

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Fan Art: Sister Estonia's new look

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Fan Art: Sister Estonia's new look

This is small remake of sister Estonia. to be honhest, i planned to make few fan comics with Estonia in it, but MS paint is too much messing around to get right result, so i dropped the idea until i find better program
original appetempt seen here (i had to modify it a bit to get it uploaded here, was too small- original appetempt looks bit better in my opinion):
backround flag is from or (for rest of the flags)

By: Meelis13 11th April 2012

2 years ago #8937509        

It's good and all, but in my opinion Estonia just doesn't look right without her snow hat


21 M
3 years ago #8444287        

heh, i was basing this vision on the fact, that estonians have one of highest percentage of blue eyes and blonde hair in the world!

3 years ago #8390194        

She dyed her hair to cheat her way into the Nordic club! Not gonna work sister Estonia :P


19 M
3 years ago #8291821        

I like the representation of Estonia here, a lot :D


21 M
3 years ago #8287929        

yay! finally uploaded

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