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Family Friction Fan Art by WorldTraveler

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Fan Art: Family Friction

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Fan Art: Family Friction

This is an OOOOOLD fan art I made and not my better quality ones (I used a mouse). However, it still makes me chuckle.

America and Mexico are close and have had a long history together. Today, there is some tension between the two nations, but the US is by no means the only country to have problems with neighbors.

For me, Brother and Sister Mexico represent two sides. Sister Mexico is beautiful, cultured, historical, and fun.

Brother Mexico on the other hand seems to showcase
negatives, which gets on America's nerves. He loves provoking his American counterpart and loves giving the impression that he doesn't speak English, angering America all the more. Even worse, he's convinced his sister that he is but an innocent bystander. :D

I think this time, he's pushed him a bit too far (and it's not even his final form!) ^^

***This is not a political statement. Just a fun poke at what happens when to neighboring countries get on each others nerves*** LOL

By: WorldTraveler 11th April 2012


100 M
1 year ago #9098475        

How many words in English did mexico know?
"OVER 9000!!!

2 years ago #8589472        

your comment duplicated.

~Randomness rocks~merp~anime fan~gamer~asdfmovie~

2 years ago #8589468        

OVER 9000... (i'm gonna finish the rest of the sentince like this):
OVER 9000 BABY DUCKS! XD (LOL, look it up on youtube! :atroll: )

~Randomness rocks~merp~anime fan~gamer~asdfmovie~

2 years ago #8577167        

I think of scrubs when I see this fan art xD
I you have seen the episode when Carla's brother come to visit Carla and turk, then you know what I mean xD


33 M
2 years ago #8519973        

I laughed a good laugh at this. For a mouse drawn thing, very good indeed.

3 years ago #8508772        

This makes me happy. XD

3 years ago #8467207        

I agree with you entirly

3 years ago #8427383        

I can totally see THAT happening xD

3 years ago #8373914        

Lots of DBZA references and DBZ. I only have this to say: I need an adult.

3 years ago #8373913        

I think it's ironic that America is now pretending to be Japan

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