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Fan Art: Scotland

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Fan Art: Scotland

Scotland just sitting in the bar.

By: 11th April 2012


18 M
2 years ago #8577395        

No. Scotland must have MEAD!

2 years ago #8558505        

@ManlySkirtWearer he has a beer, why would he be angry?

3 years ago #8345796        

@paws4thot No, but I am willing to learn XD

3 years ago #8345175        

@NavyChick404 - DO you know about our 67 euphemisms and synonyms for "drunk"?

3 years ago #8331212        

Simply awesome

3 years ago #8331207        

Simply awesome

3 years ago #8299352        


3 years ago #8298377        

Thank you for your supporting words everyone. :)


19 F
3 years ago #8297159        

You're good! :D

3 years ago #8295833        

@NavChich404 you forgot Whiskey and Scotch!

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