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Arabians Fan Art by tfk

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Fan Art: Arabians

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Fan Art: Arabians

Saudi Arabia: an Islamic Theocracy who has more oil than any other country in the world. He trades most of it to America (and lets America pay less for it). Saudi and America used to be great friends, but now they're more like business partners.

Yemen: a poor country who doesn't have a great amount of oil like his fellow Arabians.

Oman: An old man trying to keep up with the youngsters in this modern day and age.

Jordan: the most western of the group, he's picked up a few tips from the time he spent as one of England's many servants. Now he tries to act polite and presentable by western standards.

UAE: (United Arab Emirates) The party animal of the group. He likes to go to clubs with western countries, he'll get Europeans to DJ and America to sing and rap. Other Arabians disapprove of him partying, especially the fact that he does shots, since alcohol is against Islam.

Qatar: A very small country with 14% of the world's natural gas, Qatar is a short and fat man who occasionally farts. He doesn't let it bug him though, he's proud of his gas! He's very cheerful and friendly too.

All of them are wearing some form of Ghutra, folded differently or with different designs specific to their culture. Saudi, Yemen, Oman and Qatar are also wearing thawbs and sandals. Jordan's wearing a collared shirt with dress pants and shoes and UAE's wearing a T-shirt, cargo pants, sneakers and aviator sunglasses.

By: tfk 30th July 2012


17 F
2 years ago #8567025        

@ListenGirl13 If all Muslim women are like Sister Saudi Arabia then we are all ninjas!


33 M
2 years ago #8524619        

Qatar is defenitely my favorite here. Looks so happy to fart, lol.

3 years ago #8496606        

nice.. wow I'm look like ninja omg I'm naruto <3

3 years ago #8491021        

I like Oman's Ghutra :)

3 years ago #8488013        

...and they all have the mind of a western middle schooler.


18 M
3 years ago #8478805        

Oman is cool. ^^

3 years ago #8470656        

Oh okay, and thank you very much. ^^

3 years ago #8470652        

@EricTheRedAndWhite icon, avatar it's the same thing.

3 years ago #8470632        

Yeah, my message below was supposed to be for @tfk, not you. My bad.

My icon ???. What icon ?. Do you mean my avatar ?.

3 years ago #8470624        

@EricTheRedAndWhite oh now you fix it, whatever I ever told you I like you're icon?

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