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Two Greeks and a CatGirl Fan Art by

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Fan Art: Two Greeks and a CatGirl

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Fan Art: Two Greeks and a CatGirl

A little sketch I did. The girl at the left is one of my Original Characters, who has a love for Greece. Of course, seeing the comics here, SatW!Greece is portrayed differently to APH!Greece. I just felt like drawing something humorous.

So them two were walking and SatW!Greece decided to be a little romantic to the girl. Of course - someone doesn't like that.

By: 13th April 2012


2 years ago #8618733        

Well then~ We all know who's going to get butt kicked!

3 years ago #8499514        

@BuonOliva otaku de mierda

3 years ago #8399491        

Heracles :3


18 F
3 years ago #8357596        

Hetalia 4ever! www
anywhere,I like this :D

3 years ago #8328435        

"Real girls- no! Cats- yes!"
Oh, it`s so nice *3*
Hetalia 4ever!

3 years ago #8326567        

NIIIIIIIIIIICE. hetalia and SatW FTW!!!!!!!!

3 years ago #8304062        

Aww~ :3

3 years ago #8301604        

@mewmdude He is protective to his friend, especially there are random strangers hitting on her.

3 years ago #8298339        

APH Greece is like "That is not a cat. I shall go nap now"

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