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Why America Can't Read Fan Art by tfk

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Fan Art: Why America Can't Read

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Fan Art: Why America Can't Read

It isn't because he's illiterate, it's because he needs reading glasses! The glasses fell out of America's pocket or something in case it wasn't clear. I came up with this after looking at such important American figures as Benjamin Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt.

Fun Fact: America made his own glasses (Benjamin Franklin invented bifocal glasses)

By: tfk 14th April 2012


3 years ago #8496255        

Aww, America! You silly guy, glasses don't make you a nerd. You need intelligence and enjoyment of learning or obsession to be a nerd. Glasses make you look so cute!

@Innanna Oh don't we wish that all we needed to fix the problem was glasses. :( Some of my friends have trouble spelling words such as "people".

3 years ago #8487015        

Aww~ He looks so cute <3

3 years ago #8429990        

Please don't get angry with me but literate does not have two "t"s.
I wish that was the only reason why so many Americans cannot read, spell or write to save their lives.

3 years ago #8393539        

Awww, embarrassed America is so cute!

3 years ago #8377033        

High fives all around!

3 years ago #8344334        

@ArmchairCommando that's not true there are plenty of women willing the *beep* someone who wears glasses, (and if they educated and have a good paying job..)

3 years ago #8341384        

@tfk - See Teddy R and raise David Ben-Gurion

3 years ago #8333992        

@AmericanButterfly *high fives*

3 years ago #8333951        

@NavyChick404 fellow glasses wear high five!

3 years ago #8322101        

all of the cute

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