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England and his children as chibis :3 Fan Art by crazyicelander

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Fan Art: England and his children as chibis :3

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Fan Art: England and his children as chibis :3

Here they are, England and his children :)
Comment suggestions for characters that u want me to draw next :)

By: crazyicelander 15th April 2012


2 years ago #8590886        

Draw chibies of Eurovision 2012 :D

2 years ago #8501171        

:O C===3
:O C==3

2 years ago #8467159        


3 years ago #8329473        

thank you :D

3 years ago #8321923        

CANADA. OMFG. The only time I like Canada is in these comics. And Chibi Canada is super cute.<3

3 years ago #8316957        

thanks :D

3 years ago #8316082        

sooo cute <3

3 years ago #8312666        

@crazyicelander I know how us Aussies act hehe

3 years ago #8312208        

haha :D

3 years ago #8309828        

Australia is like "Where's the beer?! And my wombat?!"

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