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Fan Art: Lazy America

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Fan Art: Lazy America

So, I love America, so I thought I would do a picture in tribute to him xD. So, here you go. Yes, the SatW motion picture made it to DvD didn't you know that? Also, Canada makes a great family photo replacement :P.

By: 15th April 2012

1 year ago #8972660        

AHAHAHAHAH XD That's freakin' awesome!

2 years ago #8657965        

Very nice picture :3

@Rizzle : No, I think it's the 'Jesus <3 You' t-shirt xD

2 years ago #8630130        

@DeathBunny calm down. He dyes his hair blonde. Something about Americans being vain or something. You must learn that these comics have a very simplistic stereotypical tone to them and shouldn't be taken too seriously (though sometimes that's hard to do).

And for the record *I* don't hate Mexicans. I don't hate groups of people. I do, however, reserve judgment for idiotic, dumbass *individuals* who act on their own and do not (nor should not) represent their entire race/gender/ethnicity/nationality.

2 years ago #8568560        

Isn't that Norway on the TV? Then this can't be Brother America, he doesn't watch foreign movies.

2 years ago #8535280        


Hell yes you should move. America is sinking into the ground anyway. 45', been there, done that, sick of it - no vacations....Sweden has required by law 'semester' for citizens, 4 or 5 weeks off each year in the summer. It is proven that people who work more than 40 hours a week increase their risk of heart disease by 80%.


777 O
2 years ago #8480716        

6 week summer break is only for students at schools.


16 M
3 years ago #8463363        

lol at the movie posters in the background

3 years ago #8455476        

This is fucking awesome :D


238 F
3 years ago #8449592        

Is. . . that. . . A mochi in the background?? 8D

3 years ago #8427382        

I'm like that right now because of vacations :D

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