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Sweet Norway Fan Art by

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Fan Art: Sweet Norway

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Fan Art: Sweet Norway

Norway is so sweet <3

By: 17th April 2012


23 F
2 years ago #8614322        

Yep, she is, without moustache and the different colours of her shirt is quite disturbing xD
(the separation between the different colours would have been useful)
Beautiful drawing tought ! I wish I could draw like this .___.


25 F
2 years ago #8581238        

is that Sister Germany? 0.o

3 years ago #8475687        

Is that underboob?! O_o

3 years ago #8349867        

wait, what?

3 years ago #8349787        

@fireful some? i think you mean all...

3 years ago #8343599        

haha it's just that she's so different here than in that one comic humon had of her.
oh and she's missing her mustache XD lol

3 years ago #8336073        

@Nyan Nooo, I meant... around the middle ^_^ like a teddy bear.
Though I kinda imagine him like my boyfriend, who's Norwegian and exactly the same but with black hair. :3

3 years ago #8335907        

(# ゜Д゜)" oh no!
Well girls are really complicated >-<" but that doesnt mean that you will always be alone! There is a saying where I come from, that every pot has his lid that was made for it! Don't be sad! o(>< )o o( ><)o

He is isn't he?! (*´∀`)人(´∀`*) You just have to hug him!
Uhm larger? Well yeah maybe o.O Let's say Sister Germany is standing on her toes haha

Yeah, it is (´・ω・`)
does she look strange? (゚A゚)、"!!"

3 years ago #8323677        

is that...sister germany?

3 years ago #8322470        

Ghehehe, he is so sweet!
Though I always pictured him as quite a bit larger :3

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