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Sister Christaina outfits Fan Art by AmericanButterfly

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Fan Art: Sister Christaina outfits

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Fan Art: Sister Christaina outfits

Sister Christaina outfit

Normal: Wears a Christaina flag shirt and golden tan skirt, long socks and yellow shoes and red hand band with three dots that look like the Christaina flag (she always wears one (and no it's not always the same one each head band has it's ok)

Swimsuit: one piece swimsuit (the kind that has that little dress thingy) (and yes it has three yellow dots on it)

Alternate: wears zip up jacket (normal shirt underneath) (looking like the Christaina flag) and tan yellow baggy pants (with big pockets) (she wears this when it's colder out)

Rockstar: I wanted to make her a drummer (normal outfit) just with red frame yellow sun glasses

Gala: a pretty red dress white nylons and her jewelry is very cheap jewelry and her earring are clip ons (her ears aren't priced)

PJs: wears red sleeveless pjs shirts and pj shorts and her socks (drawing Sister Christaina hair mess up was fun :) )

ok so this is based on meme I did on DA (didn't upload my finished meme I did of it cause it had nothing to do with Satw or Humon (I'd only upload meme (finished (that I done) that has to do with Satw or humon)

if you like to see the finished meme I did here (art work is the same) (link to the original meme is in the artist comments)

By: AmericanButterfly 4th September 2012

2 years ago #8582202        

:) awesome! (thumbs up)

2 years ago #8558178        

@AmericanButterfly I love your version of Sister Christiania! :D She's so cute! <3

3 years ago #8510613        

@forestsoflarexk you're making me blush,

@humon if and when you decide to make a Sister Christaina (or any of the other Sisters of the children) you can make them any way you want. though it will be fine with me, if you use my fan-oc as a model, and if you do ever make an official Sister Christainia please let her keep the hippie headband, her outfit and attitude etc all up to you, but the headband please let Sister Christainia have a headband, that's all I ask thanks :)

3 years ago #8510604        

@bunnything --' the land of bunnies it is forbiden to not Handel cute! (you a also punished by suffering old age and death for not owning a fish tank...)
@americanbutterfly @humon make this the official sister christiania!

3 years ago #8510589        

@forestsoflarexk :) thanks but it's not up to Dayvi, if Humon makes a Sister Christaina she'll make her the way she wants it, (though I wouldn't mind if she use this as model or something :XD: I so want Sister Christainia to have a hippie headband)

3 years ago #8510560        

@AmericanButterfly I can't handle it! It's too cute~ *dies*

3 years ago #8510158        

@dayvi make this the official sister Christiania!


21 M

Online Now
3 years ago #8509014        

I wasn't claiming you were denying her this right. I was just pointing out which one I'd be more likely to believe in. :P

3 years ago #8508830        

@EricTheRedAndWhite if Humon is to introduce any of the sisters, she can make them any way she wants,

@ABunnyThing just because

3 years ago #8508716        

Why is this so freakin' cute?!

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