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Family Photo Fan Art by thesummoningdark

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Fan Art: Family Photo

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Fan Art: Family Photo

Hand-drawn doodle: Norway, Scotland, and little Shetland.

By: thesummoningdark 28th July 2012

2 years ago #8650657        

@thesummoningdark You should do another one with Orkney :D


21 F
2 years ago #8577947        

Aawww. And great drawings.
Shetland's such a sweet little ... girl?


25 F
2 years ago #8573848        

somewhere Drama Bear is crying again...


3 years ago #8459188        

My attempt on a Shetland character, which I drew and uploaded a few weeks ago, looks exactly like this, apart from that mine has Norway's hair colour and is wearing a viking helmet due to his feeling of proudness about having Scandinavian roots. :D

Anyway, great work, although I think it would've looked better with Sister Norway, who after all is the best suggestion of who's Shetland's mother.

3 years ago #8459005        

that's so sweet :3

3 years ago #8458935        

aw cute

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