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Merden Fan Art by Tanglepaw57

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Fan Art: Merden

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Fan Art: Merden

So cuuuute!

Denmark as a merman with his jellyfish friend.

By: Tanglepaw57 20th April 2012


33 M
2 years ago #8525376        

When I read the title for this. I couldn't help read it "Murd-en", like the word Murder... Makes it sound oh so Metal. :XD:

3 years ago #8324338        


3 years ago #8320590        



19 F
3 years ago #8315833        

Under the sea...Under the sea...
We live together, away from nature, under the sea!

3 years ago #8313550        

Actually this picture reminds me a lot of Urchin from "The Little Mermaid".

3 years ago #8312531        

@AmericanButterfly; Thanks!

3 years ago #8311236        


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