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Beer and Things.. Fan Art by

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Fan Art: Beer and Things..

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Fan Art: Beer and Things..

Couple of my favourite beers. The idea st/r/ucked me and I just had to draw.

Oh, Hello Everybody! I'm a new here, but I've been reading SatW probably from the start. I'm a Finnish girl who can't obviously draw a bottle of beer. Nice to meet you! ;DD

By: 20th April 2012

2 years ago #8639276        

uhh, i'm gonna leave them alone... *runs to the nearest airport -about 5 miles away- and flies to Canada*

2 years ago #8626312        

Aww~ just love it^^

2 years ago #8615588        

*nosebleeds with everyone else* I want to be a gay male country right now!

2 years ago #8569082        

weee *znickerz approves*

2 years ago #8545414        

this pic makes me want a beer...really bad o.o

2 years ago #8492958        

This is what those guys do together on a hot summers day~

2 years ago #8490048        

Favourite pairing O________O *Feel like Sister Japan aka nosebleeding*


19 F
3 years ago #8471290        

love it. :D

3 years ago #8461677        


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