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Fan Art: Cosplay!

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Fan Art: Cosplay!

Finland and Sister Sweden at Tora-con @RIT in New York State

By: 22nd April 2012


2 years ago #8454300      

Sister Sweden was at Anime Expo the other week...

2 years ago #8435866      

cool :D

2 years ago #8414775      

<3 Awesome.

2 years ago #8399444      

Svidun pls


18 F
2 years ago #8379158      

Ahaha! ^^' I GOT to be these for cosplay too :D

2 years ago #8369478      

I remember seeing a Sister Sweden and Finland cosplay at Anime North in Toronto, Canada this year!

2 years ago #8354690      

Nah, Finland is usually badass, but loses all his badassness around Sister Sweden.

2 years ago #8339959      

Haha that is too awesome ^^

2 years ago #8333385      

where is his knife

2 years ago #8326180      

Finland is too cute^^

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