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One of US Fan Art by tfk

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Fan Art: One of US

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Fan Art: One of US

a sequel to this comic

By: tfk 23rd April 2012

1 year ago #8650909      

I just wish people would draw in their OWN style.

1 year ago #8628777      

@kaboom360 OK

1 year ago #8627158      

I'm sorry, i just can't help being so random at all times.

1 year ago #8618706      

I love the panicked look on America's face! Does he expect to suddenly turn into Belgium???

1 year ago #8616089      

@kaboom360 ಠ_ಠ

1 year ago #8615594      

LOL *gives you a partially eaten doughnut* my sister bit the doughtnut. *runs away and snickers*

1 year ago #8610831      

@kaboom360 Fo' realz!!!

1 year ago #8607372      


1 year ago #8558344      

btw, I wear glasses. for real.

1 year ago #8558298      


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