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Sweden Fan Art by AmericanButterfly

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Fan Art: Sweden

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Fan Art: Sweden

picture of Sweden

By: AmericanButterfly 2nd September 2012

2 years ago #8569508        

@kaboom360 hee hee yeah I like them but they're not my all time favorite ^^

2 years ago #8569503        

Oh. Ok! :) because all the fan art I click on that from you, it's usually showing England, Scotland, Etc. (you get my point) And on my other comment, I meant England, not UK.

2 years ago #8569443        

@kaboom360 this is Sweden..

and I like my oc Satw UK,

UK not official in Satw just the countries that make up the UK, (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland only been shown in a book)

as for my favorite character my all time favorite is Denmark :)

2 years ago #8569336        

I have a question. is UK your favorite character? 'cause he's mine, too!

2 years ago #8569329        

cute! nice picture. :)

2 years ago #8501571        


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