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Slesvig and Shetland Fan Art by EricTheRedAndWhite

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Fan Art: Slesvig and Shetland

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Fan Art: Slesvig and Shetland

If you think FennoSwede, Christiania, Scania and Kven is the only childs of the Nordic countries, then you'll be surprised. Here is two more possibilities:

First guy is Slesvig-Holsten - the not yet seen son of Denmark and Sister Germany.
He lived most of his early childhood with his father, but since Denmark is that irresponsible father we all know him as, Prussia adopted both him and his youngest half brother Sønderjylland to give them a better upbringing. After a while, Sønderjylland started to miss his biological father Denmark and ran away from Prussia to live with him, what he still do today. Slesvig stayed with Prussia, who suddenly couldn't take care of him anymore, so Nazi Germany adopted Slesvig, who forced him to help with an acquisition of Denmark's house. Then Sister Germany went back and saved her son from Nazi Germany.
He lives with his mother today, but Denmark sometimes visit him and his uncle Germany for a drink. :D

The other guy is Shetland - son of Scotland and Sister Norway.
He is very proud of his Scandinavian roots and is therefore wearing a flag in the Nordic Cross style. He is living with his father, but they both wish to be independent from England and move into the Nordic neighborhood.
The viking helmet is partially a reference to this:

By: EricTheRedAndWhite 30th July 2012


15 F
2 years ago #8650764        

What a wonderful story you can make out of Slesvig-Holstens history xD

3 years ago #8504764        

Their ears look like this because we see them from below. It's all a question about perspectives. ;)

Nonetheless, I'm glad you like it. :D

3 years ago #8504667        

@EricTheRedAndWhite cool dudes, I'm slightly afraid of their ears tho. :D

3 years ago #8483037        

Ok, thanks. ^^

Drawing Outer Hebrides' flag shirt is gonna being a difficult task, but I'll give it a try. :D


16 M
3 years ago #8483015        

@EricTheRedAndWhite Sorry I took so long to respond, I can't wait to see Orkney! As for the outer Hebrides, I realized it would be hard to give them a mother, so maybe he could be a roommate of scotland like The Faeroe's are too Denmark. Here is the flag


20 M
3 years ago #8475311        

@erictheredandwhite Island är ju Norges bror, men jag tror inget har blivit sagt om färöarna. Färingarna har ju precis exakt som Hjaltlänningarna både nordiskt och gäliskt påbrå, och ur det perspektivet så passar det ju perfekt att färöarna och hjaltland (samt orkney) är barnt ill sctoland och norge. Men att Norge stannade och levde med Danmark, där även Norge levde. :P

3 years ago #8475025        

Mine værker ser ud som de gør fordi det ansigt jeg bruger som model ser sådan ud. :P

Spørger du mig synes jeg nu ikke de ligner den der "Not Bad"-meme. Deres munde vender ikke nok nedad. :P

Nu er der jo ingen der siger at samme forældre-logik skal gælde i alle sammenhænge, og desuden er Færøerne portrætteret som jævnaldrende med de nordiske lande i disse tegneserier, så for mig virker det ulogisk at lade Norge være hans far. :P

3 years ago #8474745        

Why do they have the "not bad" meme face? :D


20 M
3 years ago #8473098        


Jodå men sen så har ju Färöingarna mycket skottskt och även irländskt blod då de ofta tog kvinnor därifrån, precis som med vikingarna på ornkeny och shetland, så jag tänkte mer ur ett etniskt perspektiv.

3 years ago #8471494        

Hvis man skulle følge samme logik som med Shetland og Orkney, så burde Færøernes forældre være Norge og Søster Danmark, da Færøerne efter de irske munkes flugt blev befolket af primært norske vikinger og senere "annekteret" af Danmark, nøjagtig som Shetland og Orkney blev annekteret af Skotland.

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