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Denmark pony Fan Art by VinylScratch

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Fan Art: Denmark pony

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Northern Lights Poster

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Fan Art: Denmark pony

i know it's a little off with the mane, but hey. ms paint is hard if you dont have a tablet. :/

By: VinylScratch 10th August 2012


21 F
2 years ago #8528121        

My Little Danish Pony!

2 years ago #8522654        

mfw when i found bronies on here \(O3O)/

3 years ago #8484615        

Derp his eyes! And make his cutie mark a beer!


36 F
3 years ago #8483425        

Yes indeed:

3 years ago #8483312        

Eh, you know you've replied yourself, right ?.

Other than that, yes, most Irish people don't have red hair, but there are anyway 11 % who has, and that's the second highest percentage of redheads in the world (after Scotland's 13 %).

But red hair is of course not only a special Celtic thing. It's actually very common among Ashkenazi Jews too.

3 years ago #8483306        

Yeah, the combination of red hair and green eyes has almost become a national symbol of Ireland because they in contrast to white skin looks like the Irish flag. :D

No, we don't have that in Denmark. Saint Patrick's Day is a special Irish holiday, which outside Ireland mostly is celebrated among Americans of Irish origin.

3 years ago #8483293        

If there should be a character with green eyes, I guess that would be Ireland. We all know that the stereotypical Irishman is portrayed with red hair and green eyes, so why not. ;P

3 years ago #8482899        

Yes he has:

(Not the best picture to use as a proof, but at least you can see that he has blue eyes :P)

3 years ago #8482078        

Looks like a winner.

Satan da den må havde taget lang tid at færdiggøre?

3 years ago #8480859        


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