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Not in the house, Iceland Fan Art by

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Fan Art: Not in the house, Iceland

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Fan Art: Not in the house, Iceland

Me as Iceland doing something I think he would do :). The shirt is made by me- sewn and painted with spray-paint.

By: 26th July 2012


2 years ago #8601759        

wow jóhanna sigurðardóttir

2 years ago #8582484        

just like :D

2 years ago #8534548        

I'm totally going to go bank on people then and create Wierd spray paint pictures muhahahaha.
Just kidding but maybe?

2 years ago #8504601        

@volcanoboy - Dude, if that's spray paint, you have totally got to tell us which brand!

And yes, this is something I can see Iceland doing too.

2 years ago #8500878        

Dude, you are awesome! Me and a friend of mine were talking about cosplaying as these guys as well :P


36 F
3 years ago #8458543        

That's spray paint? It looks fantastic!

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