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minecraft baltics Fan Art by estonia

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Fan Art: minecraft baltics

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Fan Art: minecraft baltics

i got inspirated by the other fan art minecraft players!!!!
like the minecraft finland and nortics!

By: estonia 26th July 2012

2 years ago #8703298        


2 years ago #8677955        

@estonia You poor thing. That must have been difficult to fly.

2 years ago #8675035        

You did it wrong! You mixed up Latvia with Lithuania!


11 M
2 years ago #8673061        


ya, i had to fly like 500 blocks to find a flat desert area!!

2 years ago #8669658        

That must have been so hard for you to make.


11 M
2 years ago #8658629        


2 years ago #8639497        

btw, you spelled "Nordics" wrong.

2 years ago #8639493        

i'm listening to minecraft music.


21 F
2 years ago #8521016        

Wonderful work! It's so great. Would Poland be with Baltic Countries? Poland is on the Baltic Sea...


23 F
3 years ago #8479408        

Duuuude! Latvia's flag is red - white - red.. Not that one (Lithuanias - I just read tags!)! And, proportions of colors are 2:1:2.. Need a bit more job here to do ;)

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