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British Isles group picture Fan Art by AmericanButterfly

English English Only

Fan Art: British Isles group picture

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Fan Art: British Isles group picture

Ireland crossing he's home ignoring North Ireland

Scotland not wanting to be next to England and wanting to be next to Sister England instead

England not wanting to be next to Scotland and 'protecting' he's sister...

Sister England sighing at her husband and brother bickering and wishing England would just switch places with her.

Wales reading a love letter from New Zealand (I think New Zealand does that whole foot print in ink on paper think (and Wales can read them)

North Ireland crossing he's arm ignoring Ireland.

By: AmericanButterfly 30th July 2012

1 year ago #8600145      

@Planken thank you! :) for commenting about the picture and not why some non-canon character isn't up there.


18 F
1 year ago #8595277      

The irelands.xD

1 year ago #8593911      

Can you guys say something about the picture? instead of bitching that a non-canon character (that isn't even a country) isn't up there? come one that's very rude, to see someone draw a group picture and the only thing you fucking do is bitch about who's not in there!

1 year ago #8593454      

@AmericanButterfly Luckily my characters won't become canon any time soon.

1 year ago #8593422      

@SeamusTheGreat well I didn't want to draw non canon characters (which is why I only drew Sister England, and not the other sisters)

and the fan art thing, it takes a very long time, I have pictures waiting from months ago..

1 year ago #8593401      

@AmericanButterfly I drew Isle of Man and Cornwall, quite well actually, but it won't appear on the Fan Art page. :/
Does it take a long time for it to load to the page? It has been like a week...

1 year ago #8593144      

@SeamusTheGreat I don't want to draw them! and never!

1 year ago #8593142      

I love how everyone's grumpy/miserable but Wales :XD:

1 year ago #8586810      

What about Jersey, Guernsey, Shetland, The Orkney Islands, Man, The Hebrides Islands, and Cornwall?

1 year ago #8582086      

cute! :)
~Randomness rocks~merp~anime fan~

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