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Surprised kiss Fan Art by AmericanButterfly

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Fan Art: Surprised kiss

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Fan Art: Surprised kiss

there Sister England was minding her own business when Scotland just went up and kissed her....

By: AmericanButterfly 28th July 2012

2 years ago #8652339        

@NorwaySwedenDenmark in my head canon they're husband and wife mostly based on the Union of Crowns, and the fact they're been at least six or seven English born queens of Scotland. it's kind of an opposite attract kind of thing.

2 years ago #8652139        

@AmericanButterfly I like the comic and everything, but why would he do that?

2 years ago #8597261        

it's frickin' AWESOME! I even went to Hollywood! here's a little game that I like to call THE GAME... here's the link:

2 years ago #8597249        

@kaboom360 oh ok, how are you liking Los Angeles?

2 years ago #8597239        

no.that's the only one I can find. srry.
~in Los Angeles!~

2 years ago #8596298        

@kaboom360 do you have a version with English Subtitles?

2 years ago #8596297        

@Albania you read the book too? :) I drew this before I read the book it didn't damper my shipping, I made Sister England and the sheep friend :XD: and gave them fan names Muffy and Buffy (because it rhymes with Fluffy)

2 years ago #8582058        

this is a fitting song for the fan-art:


25 F
2 years ago #8573846        

I approve of this but the Sheep will be very disappointed,

2 years ago #8573648        

@McVey that's why I think Brother France and Sister Scotland would be cute together :)

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