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Denmark Loves Beer Fan Art by Magical

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Fan Art: Denmark Loves Beer

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Fan Art: Denmark Loves Beer

Using humon's art I created an embroidery pattern which I then used to make this embroidery.

It's just under 3 inches x 4 inches done over 18 count Aida / 7 x 10 cm - on 7 squares per cm Aida.

By: Magical 26th July 2012


2 years ago #8519942        

This is so cute! :)


33 M
2 years ago #8519911        

Very nice indeed!

EDIT: I want this stitched into almost everything I own! Denmark is so great, lol.


18 F
2 years ago #8482550        

I can't agree with you any more!
wonderful handcraft!!

3 years ago #8478282        

Oh. My. God.
It's so amazing! You have a talent.

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